Super Punch-Out’s Two-Player Mode Has Been Found After 28 Years

Image: Nintendo Super Punch-Out!!the 1994 SNES game released as a sequel to the 1987 NES original, is like its predecessor a single-player game. You play as Little Mac and fight your way through a succession of cartoonish boxing opponents, and every single battle is just you against the computer. Or it was, until now! While … Read more

Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo: Video game earnings round-up

A gamer plays on Sony’s Playstation 5 console at his home in Seoul. Yelim Lee | AFP via Getty Images The giants of the video game world saw their sales slide in the second quarter, as initial tailwinds from the Covid pandemic faded. In the three months ending June, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo each posted … Read more

Why horses are so hard for video games to get right – Polygon

Why horses are so hard for video games to get rightPolygon

10 Best Crossplay Games for Consoles and PC (2022): Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, Mobile

However, as shooter veterans know, playing with a keyboard and mouse provides a considerable advantage in terms of aiming. So if you’re on a console, you can choose to turn off crossplay and stick to players on your own platform. PC players, on the other hand, are stuck with the feature turned on, so just … Read more

Fan Spends Six Years Remaking Never-Released Warcraft Game

Gif: Blizzard / DerSilver83 / Kotaku Years ago, a never-officially-released Warcraft point-and-click adventure game developed by Blizzard in the late ’90s was leaked online. While the game was completely playable back then, its cutscenes were low-quality, highly compressed, not perfectly synced to the audio, and a few were even just straight up missing from the … Read more

Nintendo Monthly Rewind – July 2022 – Nintendo

Nintendo Monthly Rewind – July 2022Nintendo Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games And Accessories For August And September 2022Nintendo Life Nintendo Download – August 4, 2022 (Europe)Nintendo Everything Five Forgotten Titles Which Will Erase Nintendo Switch Fans’ Fears of a Dry August 2022EssentiallySports Nintendo Download: 4th August (Europe)Nintendo Life View Full Coverage on Google News

Digimon Survive Is A Painfully Boring TRPG

The kids aren’t alright.Image: Witch Craft Co., Ltd. / Hyde Digimon Survive, the new video game made in celebration of the anime’s 25th anniversary, attempts to juggle being both a visual novel and a tactical role-playing game. The result is a slog of a game that’s 70 percent visual novel, 20 percent tactical role-playing game, … Read more