Narz’s Office Hours: Playing Overwatch 2 Beta! – IGN

Narz’s Office Hours: Playing Overwatch 2 Beta!  – IGN

Narz’s Office Hours: Playing Overwatch 2 Beta!IGN Overwatch 2 Beta + Fortnite | Game Informer LiveGame Informer Overwatch 2 flops on Twitch after beta returns without loot dropsDot Esports Overwatch 2 Beta Login Error [FIXED]  eXputer Overwatch 2 beta crossplay: how it works and opt out of itTechRadar View Full Coverage on Google News

EA Under Fire for Making Fun of Single Player Games – IGN Daily Fix – IGN

EA Under Fire for Making Fun of Single Player Games – IGN Daily FixIGN EA Roasted For Dunking On Single-Player Games After Everything It’s DoneKotaku EA makes a bad joke, gets relentlessly flamedThe Verge EA Makes Fun of Single Player Games – The Internet Does Not React Kindly – IGNIGN View Full Coverage on Google … Read more

Another Fallout London Modder Hired By Bethesda

Image: Kotaku / Bethesda / Folon Team Fallout: London looks great! It honestly could pass as a real, official expansion if you showed it to someone who had no idea it was a fan-created mod. And apparently the company behind FalloutBethesda, agrees that London looks marvelous because it keeps hiring up the ambitious mod’s developers. … Read more

The Sith Lords On Switch Is Finally Playable

Screenshot: Aspyr / Obsidian / Nintendo Yesterday, the studio behind the Nintendo Switch port of Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords announced that it’s finally fixed a game-breaking bug that had previously rendered the game impossible to finish. Previously, those who bought the port of the Obsidian Star Wars RPG were forced … Read more

Ghost Of Tsushima Dev Not Making Infamous Or Sly Cooper Sequels

Video game companies are notoriously cagey about sharing their plans. In a market saturated with sequels and spin-offs, developers nevertheless treat every new project with extreme secrecy. They’ll rarely even be up-front about what they are aren’t working on, but today the PlayStation studio behind Ghost of Tsushima did just that. As it approaches its … Read more

‘Doom RPG,’ the Weirdest Official Doom Game, Is Now Playable on Windows

The creators of the Doom series have presented plenty of official and unofficial historical retrospectives, but these often leave out the weirdest official Doom game ever made: Doom RPG. Even Id Software’s official “Year of Doom” museum at E3 2019 left this 2005 game unchronicled. That’s a shame, because it was a phenomenal example of … Read more

God Of War Ragnarok Producer Asks Fans To ‘Please Be Patient’

OMG relax already!Image: Sony Santa Monica Studio For the past week, God of War: Ragnarök has been trending on Twitter, though there is no definitive news from developer Sony Santa Monica Studio. Instead, there have just been a series of tweets from “industry insiders” pointing to a potential livestream reveal of the game on June … Read more

Pokémon Go Studio Lays Off Staff And Cancels Projects

Photo: Rafael Henrique / SOPA Images / LightRocket (Getty Images) The mobile game company behind Pokémon Go, Niantic, is struggling to find its next big hit. And now, a new report claims the studio canceled multiple projects and laid off staff members in an effort to “streamline” operations. The San Francisco-based publisher cut 85 to … Read more