Opinion: Five reasons high-flyers in the stock market will crash down to earth

Opinion: Five reasons high-flyers in the stock market will crash down to earth

It’s never boring these days. Recall that there are times when the S&P 500 goes 100 days or more without making a 1% intraday move. But big moves are the norm nowadays — and they aren’t bullish. Neither is the fact that many of the worst of the low-quality stocks that are still down 80%-90% … Read more

Welcome to the Golden Age of the Private Club

In 2003, when Soho House’s founder, Nick Jones, opened the private social club’s first stateside location in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, it was a relatively novel phenomenon. Until then, the city’s existing mix of members’ clubs harked back to the Gilded Age. They were regarded as exclusive social spaces where members of the monied elite could … Read more

Tehran unveils Western art masterpieces hidden for decades

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Some of the world’s most prized works of contemporary Western art have been unveiled for the first time in decades — in Tehran. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, a hard-line cleric, rails against the influence of the West. Authorities have lashed out at “deviant” artists for “attacking Iran’s revolutionary culture.” And the … Read more

These stocks soared up to 12% after inflation cooled

Amid the euphoria following what appeared to be the first sign of slowing inflation, stocks staged a broad rally on Aug. 10, with dozens of large-cap stocks rising 5% or more. Those included several tech names that investors loved during the early stages of the coronvirus pandemic, along with cruise lines, credit-card lenders and chip-related … Read more

Hong Kong cuts hotel quarantine for travelers to 3 days

Hong Kong is reducing the amount of time travelers will need to serve hotel quarantine, from seven days down to three starting Friday. “The seven-day quarantine hotel arrangement will be changed to three days in a quarantine hotel, plus four days of home medical surveillance,” Chief Executive John Lee said at a press conference Monday. … Read more

9 busy people share best hacks for making the most of vacation time

Americans are notorious for not taking a break. The average US worker took less than 12 days of vacation in 2021 — six fewer than the global average — according to Expedia’s latest Vacation Deprivation study of 14,500 working adults across 16 countries. Yet an overwhelming majority of workers say taking vacations makes them feel … Read more

Airlines cancel more than 600 US flights and delay thousands more Saturday

(CNN) — More than 600 flights were canceled and thousands more were delayed in the United States on Saturday, according to the flight tracking website FlightAware. Saturday marks the third day of major flight cancellations after thunderstorms pounded major airports on the East Coast on Thursday, making for one of the worst days for flight … Read more

60 curators, 1 show: Native Americans’ pick favorite pottery

SANTA FE, NM (AP) — Native American voices and artistry are at the core of a new traveling exhibition of clay pottery from the Pueblo Indian region of the American Southwest, as major art institutions increasingly defer to tribal communities for displays of ancestral art and artifacts. In all, 60 Native American artists, museum professionals, … Read more