Game Pass Vs. The New PS Plus, The Comparison We Had To Make

Image: Sony / Microsoft / Kotaku Two months ago, Sony reimagined PS Plus, its long-time membership program for PlayStation owners. Now, it looks a whole lot like Microsoft’s Game Pass: For roughly the same amount of money, both offer access to a Netflix-style games-on-demand library. Obviously, we had to stack the two services up against … Read more

The Rock Booed on Stage, GTA 6’s New Protagonist, & More! | IGN The Weekly Fix – IGN

The Rock Booed on Stage, GTA 6’s New Protagonist, & More! | IGN The Weekly FixIGN

PS5, PS4 Finally Go Portable with Officially Licensed PlayStation Backbone One

Many of you will harbor fondness for the PS Vita and its predecessor the PSP, and understandably so – both were superb portable systems. But with the likelihood of Sony making another extremely low, this may just be the next best thing: an officially licensed Backbone Onewhich works in tandem with an iPhone and the … Read more

Former Deus Ex, Tomb Raider Boss Unloads On Square Enix Japan

Image: Deus Ex Back in May, Japanese publisher Square Enix announced it was selling a number of Western studios it had owned since 2009including Eidos Montreal (Deus Ex) and Crystal Dynamics (Tomb Raider). For Stephane D’Astous, who founded Eidos Montreal and left the company in 2013, the deal marks the end of a decade-long “train … Read more

Entire Mainline Yakuza Series Coming To PlayStation Plus

Image: Sega Sony just announced that Sega’s widely loved Yakuza series of criminal underworld sims will soon debut on its PlayStation Plus subscription service. The entire mainline series is coming, in fact. Today, Sony announced on its blog that the main entries in the Yakuza series, which follows Kazuma Kiryu’s story across seven different titles, … Read more

Dakota Johnson’s Madame Web Release Date Has Been Delayed

Sony has been going hard securing an excellent cast and direction for their upcoming Madame Web project based on the spider man comics. Madame Web is a spiderman character that is mostly known as a guide or a mentor to several spider-themed superheroes. For the role of Madame Web sony secured 50 shades of Gray … Read more