Game Pass Vs. The New PS Plus, The Comparison We Had To Make

Image: Sony / Microsoft / Kotaku Two months ago, Sony reimagined PS Plus, its long-time membership program for PlayStation owners. Now, it looks a whole lot like Microsoft’s Game Pass: For roughly the same amount of money, both offer access to a Netflix-style games-on-demand library. Obviously, we had to stack the two services up against … Read more

The X-Wing Developers Were Working On A Canceled Xbox Game

Screenshot: Lucasarts Throughout the 1990s Totally Games had one of the most accomplisheded track records in all of video games. The studio, releasing games for Lucasfilm and then Lucasarts, specialized in all things flight, and won acclaim for releases set both in the sky and way beyond. They made their name on classic WW2 sims … Read more

Sony Hiring Emulation Engineer Suggesting Hope For PS3 On PS5

Image: Sony A new job ad, reported by PlayStation Lifestyle after being spotted on ResetEra, strongly suggests that Sony might be trying to hire an engineer to get its PS3 emulation sorted. There’s also rumor of getting old PS3 peripherals working on the new machine. Which would all be such a relief. If you have … Read more

Ghost Of Tsushima Dev Not Making Infamous Or Sly Cooper Sequels

Video game companies are notoriously cagey about sharing their plans. In a market saturated with sequels and spin-offs, developers nevertheless treat every new project with extreme secrecy. They’ll rarely even be up-front about what they are aren’t working on, but today the PlayStation studio behind Ghost of Tsushima did just that. As it approaches its … Read more

The PS2’s Jak & Daxter Is Being ‘Ported’ To The PC By Fans

Image: Naughty Dog Over the past few years we’ve started seeing something beautiful happen: fans of classic console games are taking old code and creating native PC versions of games that never saw an official release. We’ve seen it with some Nintendo gamesbut now we’re seeing it with a PlayStation platformer as well. This isn’t … Read more

Rumor: PS Plus Premium’s PS1, PS2, PSP Games Have Started to Leak

Image: Push Square Update: Assets for PS1 title Mr. Drills have now been discovered as well. That means we’ve got three Namco titles on our hands here, which probably isn’t a coincidence. Can we have Tekken 3 next, please? We’ll continue to update this article as more games are leaked, which seems an inevitability at … Read more

Rockstar, Remedy Reunite for Next-Gen Max Payne Remakes – IGN Daily Fix – IGN

Rockstar, Remedy Reunite for Next-Gen Max Payne Remakes – IGN Daily FixIGNView Full Coverage on Google News

Remedy Remaking Max Payne 1 And 2 Inside Control Engine

Image: Remedy Entertainment / Rockstar Games Black film sad sack Max Payne is getting his due with a full remake of the first two games, developer Remedy Entertainment announced today. The new compilation will include both Max Payne spirit Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max and be exclusive to PS5, Xbox Series X / … Read more

‘All-New PlayStation Plus’ Subscription Tiers Explained – IGN Daily Fix – IGN

‘All-New PlayStation Plus’ Subscription Tiers Explained – IGN Daily FixIGN All-new PlayStation Plus launches in June with 700+ games and more value than everPlayStation Readers’ Opinion: Is PlayStation Plus Premium a Success or Disappointment?PlayStation LifeStyle Explaining Sony’s Three New PlayStation Plus PackagesCNET View Full Coverage on Google News

Sony’s PS Plus Revamp Isn’t A Game Pass Killer

Sony’s splashy first-party exclusives, like this year’s God of War Ragnar√∂kwill not hit PS Plus at launch, a stark contrast to the strategy employed by Game Pass.Screenshot: Sony This morning, Sony finally unveiled its games-on-demand service in a blog post with more asterisks than the lease on your first apartment .. It’s a revamp of … Read more