Norway’s government steps in to end an oil and gas strike

Norway’s government said that based on the announced strike numbers, it had been feared that more than half of the country’s daily gas exports would have been lost by the weekend. Joe Klamar | Afp | Getty Images European gas prices on Wednesday fell away from four-month highs after Norway’s government intervened to bring an … Read more

Germany mulls cost-sharing system amid fears of Russian gas cutoff – POLITICO

BERLIN – The German government is considering bringing an emergency law for a vote in parliament next week that would allow it to equally distribute rising gas costs between customers and companies and to rescue ailing energy company Uniper. The proposal for introducing a special gas-price levy comes amid increasing warnings that Russia might use … Read more

Norway shooting investigated as terror attack, alert level raised – POLITICO

A gunfire attack at a nightclub in Oslo early Saturday is being investigated as terrorism and Norwegian authorities raised the terror alert to the highest level, according to media reports. The attack left two people dead and more than 20 wounded, the Associated Press reported. It occurred around 1 am Saturday at London Pub, a … Read more

How Russia can beat EU sanctions – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article Europe has deployed an unprecedented arsenal of economic sanctions against Moscow in an attempt to weaken Russia’s economy and force Vladimir Putin to abandon his war in Ukraine. But as the export bans bite over the coming months, Russia will start to crave banned goods that are essential … Read more

Why Munch’s The Scream isn’t actually screaming

She points out its timelessness: “I went to Egypt, to the Valley of the Kings, where there’s a fetus that would have become a king. And I said, ‘Oh my God, it’s just like The Scream!’ ” From fetuses to emojis. The “Face Screaming in Fear” was added to platforms in 2010 – inspired by … Read more

War surges Norway’s oil, gas profit. Now, it’s urged to help

STAVANGER, Norway (AP) – Europe’s frantic search for alternatives to Russian energy has dramatically increased the demand – and price – for Norway’s oil and gas. As the money pours in, Europe’s second-biggest natural gas supplier is fending off accusations that it’s profiting from the war in Ukraine. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who is … Read more

Inflation Hits Japan As Weak Yen Pinches Tokyo Businesses – Bloomberg Quicktake: Now

Inflation Hits Japan As Weak Yen Pinches Tokyo BusinessesBloomberg Quicktake: Now ‘Nothing is going well’ for Japanese retailers jolted by weak yenThe Japan Times Weak Yen Has Japan Confronting Possible Inflation, High Import PricesBloomberg Yen Freefall Has Fewer Benefits for Japan Inc. As Economy ShiftsBloomberg View Full Coverage on Google News

Poland and Bulgaria start life with no Russian gas – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article There’s no Russian gas coming through pipelines in Poland and Bulgaria, but both countries say they’ll do just fine without an energy link to Moscow. “Poland is an energy-secure country, which does not have to and will not yield to blackmail gas by Russia,” Polish Climate and Environment … Read more