Arcade Paradise – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch – Nintendo

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Fall Guys – Sonic’s Adventure Event Trailer – Nintendo Switch – Nintendo

Fall Guys – Sonic’s Adventure Event Trailer – Nintendo SwitchNintendo Fall Guys Launches Sonic The Hedgehog Crossover Today, Watch The Trailer HerePlayStation Universe Fall Guys – Sonic’s Adventure Event Trailer | PS5 & PS4 GamesPlayStation Fall Guys Sonic Event: Rewards and Start TimeThe Nerd Stash Fall Guys – Sonic’s Adventure Event TrailerFall Guys View Full … Read more

New Skyrim Mod Borrows Shadow of War’s Best Feature – IGN Daily Fix – IGN

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Super Punch-Out!! Hidden Two-Player Mode Discovered 28 Years Later

Image: Nintendo / Nintendo Life There’s been a historic discovery made within the 1994 Super Nintendo release Super Punch-Out!! today. A Twitter account known as ‘Unlisted Cheats‘ has uncovered a hidden two player mode in the game. To access this option, on the game’s start screen you’ll have to hold the ‘Y’ and ‘R’ buttons … Read more

Super Punch-Out’s Two-Player Mode Has Been Found After 28 Years

Image: Nintendo Super Punch-Out!!the 1994 SNES game released as a sequel to the 1987 NES original, is like its predecessor a single-player game. You play as Little Mac and fight your way through a succession of cartoonish boxing opponents, and every single battle is just you against the computer. Or it was, until now! While … Read more

Nintendo Monthly Rewind – July 2022 – Nintendo

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Mario Kart 8 Update Brings Manslaughter Back To Coconut Mall

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Switch received its second wave of Booster Course Pass DLC today, which adds eight new courses and finally fixes an old one. Let’s just say Coconut Mall’s Shy Guys aren’t so shy anymore, and if you get too close you will get merc’d. The first set of new courses arrived … Read more

Your Game On Expo 2022 Insider’s Guide — Tickets, Guests, and More

When the pandemic hit back in 2020, Game On Expo co-founder John Lester knew organizers would have to press pause on the popular event. More than two years later, he says they’re ready to grab their controllers and pick up where they left off. “It’s definitely been a long time,” Lester tells Phoenix New Times. … Read more

Nintendo Switch Sales Surpass 111 Million

Image: Nintendo Life / Gemma Smith Nintendo’s latest financial report for Q1 2023 (April – June 2022) has been published, and the Switch has just surpassed 111 million units sold. However, as with last quarter, there has been a drop in year-on-year sales. Citing the ongoing semiconductor shortage — and comparing this quarter’s major releases … Read more

Frogun – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch – Nintendo

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