How To Play Netflix Games On iPhone, Android

Image: Digital Sun Yes, Netflix has some excellent games, but no one’s playing them. According to a recent report, less than 1 percent of people who subscribe to the streaming service actually avail themselves of its free games. That state surely isn’t helped by the process you’ve gotta go through to play, which, while not … Read more

What Is Apple Arcade (2022): Pricing, Features, and Best Games

If you have yet to set foot in the Apple Arcade, then perhaps it’s time you did. Apple Arcade is an easy and affordable way to play popular games on your iPhone and other Apple devices. It may not be the most popular gaming subscription service, but it has reshaped mobile gaming to some extent, … Read more

What is Google Play Pass? Pricing, Features, and Best Games and Apps

Mobile gaming fans might be interested in Google’s often overlooked Play Pass subscription service. Play Pass is an affordable way to get a mix of games and apps on your Android phone, including some of our picks for the best mobile games. We have all the details and a few recommendations for you. Are you … Read more

‘Doom RPG,’ the Weirdest Official Doom Game, Is Now Playable on Windows

The creators of the Doom series have presented plenty of official and unofficial historical retrospectives, but these often leave out the weirdest official Doom game ever made: Doom RPG. Even Id Software’s official “Year of Doom” museum at E3 2019 left this 2005 game unchronicled. That’s a shame, because it was a phenomenal example of … Read more

Apex Legends Mobile – Official Season 1 Launch Trailer – IGN

Apex Legends Mobile – Official Season 1 Launch TrailerIGN Apex Legends Mobile to Release May 17th With Exclusive LegendeXputer Apex Legends Mobile release date, new trailer, new Legends teasedPolygon ‘Apex Legends Mobile’ arrives on May 17thEngadget Apex Legends Mobile releases on May 17Dot Esports View Full Coverage on Google News

11 Best Mobile Game Controllers (2022): iPhone or Android

The Backbone One (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is a delight. Plug the Lightning connector into your iPhone, stretch the controller over it, and play. The buttons and bumpers feel nice and clicky, with super-fast response times, and there’s broad support for PS Remote Play, Xbox Remote Play, and Steam Link, as well as Xbox Game Pass … Read more

Ms. Pac-Man Bizarrely Replaced With New Wife In Pac-Man Game

Image: Bandai Namco While long-time fans of the series will know that Ms. Pac-Man is the wife of Mr. Pac-Man, and appeared as such in the 1984 side-scroller Pac-Landa new re-release of the game has gone to the trouble of changing the character. Here’s Ms. Pac-Man as she appears in most titles, with her trademark … Read more

Netflix Users Surprised With Remaster of Highly-Rated PlayStation Game for Free

Netflix subscribers have been surprised with a new free game. A new game has been released and it’s exclusive to Netflix subscribers. And if you have a Netflix subscription, it’s free. In addition to this, there are no ads, no in-game purchases, nor any additional fees. There are zero strings attached and the only requirement … Read more

Genshin Impact’s miHoYo Is Now HoYoverse For Global Audiences

What will the impact be? Image: HoYoverse Founded in 2012, miHoYo more recently became world-famous with games Genshin Impact spirit Honkai Impact 3rd. But now, the game studio is getting an international rebrand as it expands its cross-media universe. “Today, we are excited to announce the official launch of our all-new, forward-thinking brand, HoYoverse,” reads … Read more