Why Europe needs Taiwan – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article With tensions flaring in East Asia, China’s sanctions against Taiwan are a stark reminder to the European Union how dependent it is on the island, and in particular the tiny computer chips it makes. China banned some trade with Taiwan in response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s … Read more

The Chip Shortage Is Easing—but Only for Some

But the turnaround is far from uniform. Everstream’s data shows that lead times for some advanced chips needed for medical devices, telecommunications, and cybersecurity systems is around 52 weeks, compared to a prior average of 27 weeks. Automotive companies that were badly affected by the pandemic because they initially canceled orders for components were then … Read more

How Russia can beat EU sanctions – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article Europe has deployed an unprecedented arsenal of economic sanctions against Moscow in an attempt to weaken Russia’s economy and force Vladimir Putin to abandon his war in Ukraine. But as the export bans bite over the coming months, Russia will start to crave banned goods that are essential … Read more

Ukraine was highlights stakes of Chinese attack on Taiwan – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article An authoritarian nuclear superpower invading a smaller but determined US-armed neighbor is not the stuff of theoretical war games any more. As defense ministers from around the world fly in to Singapore to attend Asia’s top security conference this weekend, they will be acutely aware that the war … Read more

Investors are really not getting this about the chip shortage – Fox Business

Investors are really not getting this about the chip shortageFox BusinessView Full Coverage on Google News

Intel unveils ‘landmark’ € 33B investment in EU chipmaking – POLITICO

US microchips giant Intel is investing tens of billions of euros in Germany, Italy, France and other European countries, in a boon for European policymakers’ ambition to catch up on global microchips production. The project will “create a world-class chip ecosystem,” Intel’s Chief Executive Officer Pat Gelsinger said in an online announcement Tuesday, adding that … Read more

Europe has a chips plan – here are 6 things that could kill it – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article The EU on Tuesday presented a € 43 billion plan to turbo-charge its microchips sector by 2030. For it to work it’ll have to overcome a terrible track record on industrial policy. The Commission’s new European Chips Act is an attempt to shore up the bloc’s capacity to … Read more

Chip shortage cost US economy billions in 2021

Supply chain shortages have hit virtually every industry, but it’s the microchip shortage that’s having the biggest impact. Experts estimate the global chip shortage cost the US economy $ 240 billion in 2021. Some US manufacturers have less than five days’ worth of inventory, according to the Commerce Department. At Optimal Design near Chicago, a … Read more