The Loneliness of the Junior College Esports Coach

The school’s hiring board, he says she explained, did not feel it possessed enough data to determine the esports program’s utility to the college. So it could not justify offering Marquer a full-time coaching position, or any sort of increased compensation. His $ 15,000-a-year contract would automatically renew in early June, and they would try … Read more

Here Comes the Sun — to End Civilization

To date, however, American utility companies have not widely deployed current-blocking devices to the live grid. “They’ve only done things, like moving to higher and higher operating voltages” —for cheaper transmission— “that greatly magnifies their vulnerability to these storms,” ​​Kappenman tells me. Tom Berger, former director of the US government’s Space Weather Prediction Center, also … Read more

When Covid Came for Provincetown

“At that point I started texting everyone I’d come in contact with over the week,” he says. Realizing how many people visit Provincetown from across the country, he posted about being infected on Twitter and Instagram too. DMs flowed back, from people who thought they’d picked up some summer crud as they traveled. “They thought … Read more

A Pandemic Tragedy on Brazil’s Lago Verde

“Alter do Chão has a history of being a matriarchal village,” Neca explains. “If you did a survey here, you’d see that 70 percent of households are run by women.” Dona Lusia never married. “She never let herself be subjugated by a man,” her daughter says. “She raised us all on her own.” Dona Lusia … Read more

The Unwritten Laws of Physics for Black Women

She decided to study physics. It was, in a way, good timing — a Black American woman had just become the first of her kind to earn a physics PhD, back in Greene-Johnson’s home state. At Stanford, Greene-Johnson was the only Black student in her major, but that did not surprise her. What did was … Read more

Volodymyr Zelensky on War, Technology, and the Future of Ukraine

Ever since Russian forces started their all-out invasion in February, Ukraine has been hailed as an example of how to defend against violent tyranny on the 21st-century battlefield. The country spun up an “IT Army” of volunteer hackers to take down Russian websites, used the Starlink satellite internet system to maintain communications as its own … Read more

The Multifarious Multiplexity of Taika Waititi

About seven minutes into my second conversation with the actor, writer, and director Taika Waititi, he confessed, somewhat abruptly, that he does not like being around people. There was “absolutely nothing loaded” about the remark, he assured me — but he also seemed to mean it. “It’s just really draining,” he said. “With whoever — … Read more

The Endless Legal Limbo of Hong Kong’s Street Protesters

By late August, as the government continued to stonewall the protesters’ growing demands, many young people became more desperate. They routinely relied on Molotovs, bonfires, bricks, lighter fluid, and anything metal to shatter windows. After one officer shot and wounded a young protester in the gut, a protester elsewhere lit a man afire. The tension … Read more