Camera Lights Buying Guide (2022): Flashes, LEDs, Softboxes, Remotes, Video Lights

The best way to build your skills as a photographer or videographer is to learn about the art of off-camera lighting — the use of flashes or continuous lights that are set up on stands around your photographic subject or held in your hand, and not mounted on your camera . I’ve written an entire … Read more

8 Best Smart Home Lighting (2022): Decorative Panels, LED Strips, and Ambient Lamps

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This Week’s Best Concerts | Houston Press

So folks, how do we feel about the new Astros threads? I’m partial to the throwback jerseys myself, but I’m enjoying all the love NASA is getting. Since there aren’t any games at Minute Maid park until early next week, you have plenty of time for some live music in your life. Keep scrolling to … Read more

Is It Okay To Take Melatonin For Your Sleep? A Doctor Explains The Risks

I have been a doctor for over 20 years, 12 of which were dedicated exclusively to the practice of sleep medicine. Over the years, I have seen an enormous increase in the use of melatonin by my patients and their families. Although melatonin has helped many of my patients, there are some concerns that I … Read more