Young Thug and What Happens When Prosecutors Use Social Media

I ask Hamasaki how much social media played a role in Drakeo’s case. “You’re giving me PTSD,” he sighs. “I think we had 4 terabytes of discovery. DMs, photos, videos. Backup accounts on Instagram or Twitter. Everything they can seize electronically now, they do. The problem is, prosecutors can go in and pick out snippets … Read more

Charity TikTok Videos Put an Uncomfortable Spin on Morality

“I think these videos can create narratives about how we should help the deserving poor,” says Yale professor Michael Kraus, a social psychologist who specializes in the study of inequality. “But actually all are deserving, and individual acts of charity are not a solution for poverty.” The “deserving poor” is an archaic concept, codified in … Read more

What Black One Direction Fans Reveal About Activism

Gabrielle Foster had been a fan of One Direction since she was 11 years old. “We all come from different backgrounds. We all bond over Harry, but we do not personally know what’s going on in each other’s lives, ”she told me. “I just want there to be more representation for everybody.” Now in her … Read more

Therapists Should Build a New Cultural Competence: ‘Onlineness’

Many humanistic therapists aspire to practice “unconditional positive regard,” an unwavering acceptance and support of the client popularized by American psychological titan Carl Rogers. Like all ideals, unconditional positive regard is difficult (or impossible) to fully achieve. It takes skill, practice, and maturity to quiet and disregard the constant chattering of mental judgment — even … Read more

They Turned The Internet’s 3D Dancing Baby Meme Into An NFT

The Dancing Baby of early Internet fame has gotten a facelift. Gif: Autodesk If you used the Internet in the late 1990’s or early 2000’s, you may remember a certain GIF floating around of an animated baby dancing around on a black background. This little guy was truly a symbol of the novelty and purity … Read more

A Woman’s Guide to the Most Toxic Trolls on the Internet

One of the most surprising phenomena I’ve encountered since I started making television appearances in 2017 is the sudden proliferation of men in my Twitter mentions, my email inbox, my Instagram and Facebook followers, and my direct messages. The most innocuous (but still unsettling and creepy) ones simply follow you in droves on their social … Read more

Why Is The Internet So Exhausting? Blame Your Crowdsourced Bosses

It’s old hat by now to say “you are the product” on social media. Often, that bon mot is used to explain why social media is free to access. But that’s just barely scratching the surface. After all, this idea of ​​intangible goods, bound up in the self, did not even begin with the internet, … Read more

Deepfakes Can Help Families Mourn — or Exploit Their Grief

We now have the ability to reanimate the dead. Improvements in machine learning over the past decade have given us the ability to break through the fossilized past and see our dearly departed as they once were: talking, moving, smiling, laughing. Though deepfake tools have been around for some time, they’ve become increasingly available to … Read more

‘That’s Not My Name,’ Celebrities, and When a Meme Is Over

The Monitor is a weekly column devoted to everything happening in the WIRED world of culture, from movies to memes, TV to Twitter. Memes, they say, are dead as soon as celebrities use them to appear on-trend. Yes, this is a wild overstatement. No, no one really knows who “they” are in this scenario, probably … Read more