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Another Fallout London Modder Hired By Bethesda

Image: Kotaku / Bethesda / Folon Team Fallout: London looks great! It honestly could pass as a real, official expansion if you showed it to someone who had no idea it was a fan-created mod. And apparently the company behind FalloutBethesda, agrees that London looks marvelous because it keeps hiring up the ambitious mod’s developers. … Read more

Bethesda Plans To Follow Up Elder Scrolls 6 With Fallout 5

Image: Bethesda In an interview published today, Bethesda’s creative director Todd Howard revealed the studio’s future plans, explaining that after the Elder Scrolls 6 comes out, the studio’s next game will be Fallout 5, the next main entry in the company’s post-apocalyptic open-world RPG franchise. However, considering how long it takes Bethesda to make these … Read more

Fallout New Vegas Mod Adds Elden Ring Online Message System

Screenshot: Bethesda / TommInfinite / Kotaku One of the coolest parts of Elden Ring is the ability to leave messages for other players in the game’s large open-world environment. You can warn folks of enemies, hint towards a treasure, or troll people with silly jokes or lies. And now someone has added this feature into … Read more