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UK rail strike: Employees call for better pay and conditionsAl Jazeera English Driver walkout halts trains as UK summer strike wave spreadsABC News Travelers hit by another rail strikeSky News Travelers face severe disruption as train driver strike beginsEvening Standard Train strikes cause more disruption for passengersBBC View Full Coverage on Google News

Pennsylvania raises the income threshold for tipped workers after more than 40 years

Tipped workers in Pennsylvania must make at least $135 per month in tips before their employers can pay them below the state’s minimum wage, as the Department of Labor & Industry put a series of updated regulations in place on Friday. The change is the first to tip worker regulations since 1977, according to Secretary … Read more

Google AI Claims to Be Sentient in Leaked Transcripts, But Not Everybody Agrees

A senior software engineer at Google was suspended on Monday (June 13) after sharing transcripts of a conversation with an artificial intelligence (AI) that he claimed to be “sentient”, according to media reports. The engineer, 41-year-old Blake Lemoine, was put on paid leave for breaching Google’s confidentiality policy. “Google might call this sharing proprietary property. … Read more

The New Frontier of Prosthetics? Tech for Independent Living

Brian Villani, 26, tall and in khakis, extroverted, both opinionated and earnest, shares a garden-level apartment with two roommates in greater Boston that’s outfitted with the material culture of young adulthood: big overstuffed couch, multiple gaming systems, oversize posters, a clutter of plastic kitchenware . He commutes by train to a job he’s held for … Read more

Residency requirements ended for new Philly police and corrections officers due to critical staffing shortages

Philadelphia will no longer require new police officers and corrections officers to have lived in the city for at least a year prior to being hired, a policy change aimed at improving recruitment efforts. The Civil Service Commission granted a waiver Mayor Jim Kenney sent requesting the policy change. The Philadelphia Police Department is short … Read more