Surf’s Up, Dawg! Gnarly Pups Catch Waves At World Dog Surfing Championship

Here’s to the world’s most wholesome surf competition. A bunch of very cool dogs went toe to toe at Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica, California over the weekend for the World Dog Surfing Championships. The event, which donates a portion of its proceeds to dog-related nonprofits, invites surfer dogs and their human pals to hang … Read more

Humanists should stop lecturing the Church

And so it came to pass, in the holy season of Pride, that the Anglican communion did gather at Lambeth and upset Sandi Toksvig. It’s an old story. The Church opened its Lambeth conference, which ends today, intending to discuss the Good News; it wound up arguing about gay sex, giving the impression, yet again, … Read more

Beagles Rescued From Breeding Center Become Guests Of Honor At Joyful Party

Three beagles rescued from a shuttered Virginia breeding center celebrated the new lives ahead of them with a sweet party this week. Cambridge, Sheffield and Wales are among the thousands of beagles seeking new homes since the Envigo facility in Cumberland County ― which had been breeding dogs to be used as pharmaceutical test subjects … Read more

10 Puppies Drowned After Record Rainfall Floods Missouri Animal Shelter

An animal rescue group in St. Louis, Missouri, is reeling after multiple puppies drowned in a flash flood at its shelter Tuesday brought on by record-breaking rainfall hitting the city. “Fly high little ones,” wrote Stray Paws Rescue in a Facebook post, followed by a rainbow emoji. “Our hearts are breaking.” Ten puppies died in … Read more

Ask Amy: Should I tell her that her new obsession is driving friends away?

Dear Amy: I have a long-term friend (for over 45 years) who adopted a wonderful, sweet, adorable shelter dog at the beginning of the pandemic. However, over the past two years, her laser focus on this dog has become a rapidly growing problem which borders on obsession! It’s fine if she wants to spend lots … Read more

How To Help Your Dog, Cat Get Through Fourth Of July Fireworks – CBS Philly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – On this week’s CBS3 Pet Project, Carol Erickson, an animal advocate with the PSPCA, discussed how to help your pets get through the fireworks on the Fourth of July. She said to make sure your pets have collars on, keep the blinds closed, and put the TV or radio on to block … Read more

Why Dogs Can Have Trouble With Slippery Floors – CBS Philly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – On this week’s CBS3 Pet Project, Carol Erickson, an animal advocate with the PSPCA, discussed why dogs can have trouble on slippery floors. Erickson said sometimes one bad experience on a slippery can lead to a dog not wanting to walk on one. “You can also tell if the floor is slippery … Read more

100 animals rescued from unsanitary Lancaster County property by Pennsylvania SPCA

The Pennsylvania SPCA removed 100 pets and farm animals from a property in Quarryville where they were allegedly held in unsanitary conditions and without proper veterinary care. The group took 27 cats, 11 dogs, five horses, four sheep, one goat, two turkeys, six hens, 32 chicks, eight baby ducks and four guinea hens after the … Read more