Weekend reads: How to tell when the bear market is almost over

Experienced investors have lived through bear markets and learned they present opportunities to buy stocks at low prices. But waiting through the cycle of decline is no fun, and there can be several rallies before the bear market finally ends. Mark Hulbert explains how you can tell when the bear market is near its end. … Read more

Chances of a markets-led recession arriving sooner than expected are growing by the day, investors and traders say

An ongoing meltdown in US stock prices, driven by pessimism about the economic outlook, is boosting the risk of a recession that arrives sooner than some professional forecasters anticipate, traders and investors say. Falling equity prices have already contributed to the disappearance of $ 5 to $ 8 trillion in household wealth this year, and … Read more

Has the junk-bond market hit bottom? Liquidity issues may be up next, warns this industry veteran

Do not call it a dash-for-trash quite yet. US corporate bonds with riskier high-yield or “junk” credit ratings finally might look like a buy, after a brutal start to 2022 sparked by central bankers looking to end an era of easy-money. Prices for junk bonds have tumbled and yields have popped to two-year highs of … Read more

The Companies Cutting Staff, Freezing Hiring or Slashing Costs: See the List

Companies which saw substantial growth during the Covid-19 pandemic are starting to take a more cautious approach toward hiring and spending. From Peloton Interactive Inc. spirit Meta Platforms Inc. thaw Twitter Inc Uber Technologies Inc. and others, corporate belt tightening comes as the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates, global stock markets have fallen and … Read more

Carvana Is Acting Like A Meme Stock. GameStop and AMC Closed Higher Too.

Text size GameStop shares took off during 2021’s so-called meme-stock rally. Justin Sullivan / Getty Images The meme stocks GameStop spirit AMC unexpectedly soared on Thursday, joined by the used-car retailer Carvana , even as the broader market hit its lowest point in 2022. It was not clear what news, if any, was behind the … Read more

Carvana stock claws back despite ‘uniquely difficult environment’ that hit earnings

Shares of Carvana Co. were bouncing back in after-hours trading Wednesday after the used-car retailer admitted that both industry-wide and company-specific issues impacted its business in the first quarter but said it had plans to address its challenges. Carvana CVNA, -9.11% noted in its letter to shareholders that the omicron variant and used-car prices were … Read more