Survivors of 2022 crypto crash could be the new Amazons and eBays – BOE

(Kitco News) The companies that survive the 2022 crypto crash could become the new Amazons and eBays of the world, said Bank of England Deputy Governor Jon Cunliffe. There are similarities between the dotcom collapse of 2000 and this year’s crypto price meltdown, Cunliffe said at the Point Zero Forum in … Read more

Biden is planning a new digital currency. Here’s why you should be very worried

Whenever the White House says it is working on a plan that would transform a vital part of the US economy, and that the administration is doing so with the “highest urgency,” it should go without saying that the press should pay close attention to what’s going on. Even more importantly, the press should eagerly … Read more

Experts On Biden Bitcoin Executive Order

US President Joe Biden signed an executive order (EO) yesterday outlining federal efforts to research and develop specific guidelines for the use of bitcoin, alternative cryptocurrencies and a possible Federal Reserve central bank digital currency (CBDC) as the country seeks to remain at the core of the global financial system. “With respect to digital assets, … Read more