VPN – How to secure a virtual private network

VPN: If you use a public line to connect to a private network, you may wonder what makes a virtual private network private. The answer is the way VPN is designed. A VPN is designed to provide a secure, encrypted tunnel in which data can be transferred between the remote user and the corporate network. … Read more

Why choose VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting: VPS is now in the forefront of the hosting world, and more and more individuals and companies are choosing this versatile solution. This is far from surprising – the online environment is becoming more and more competitive, and website owners need to be really creative when developing their project. But before you create … Read more

How to secure your e-commerce site

Secure e-commerce site: Hackers do not hand-pick their victims. They use broad-spectrum scripts, as a kind of virtual fishing network, to capture sites with common vulnerabilities. The result of this is that unless they are looking for a challenge, a hacker’s primary target is simply vulnerable websites that have not thought about securing their data … Read more

Useful Live Chat plugins for the WordPress site

Live chat plugins are a very important feature you can add to your site to enable live, real-time conversation. The knowledgeable piece of software creates a live chat widget on your web page that visitors can open and talk to company staff. Why add Live Chat software to your site? Live chat plugins are available … Read more

Website Speed ​​Optimization Guide

Website Speed: Slow website speed affects all aspects of your business. Impressions are converted to smaller sales. Customers are less satisfied. It hurts search engine optimization (SEO). Google once stated that page speed is a factor in their algorithm. If your site does not load fast enough, their crawlers will not index it all. Below … Read more

What is mobile SEO? Ways to optimize your mobile SEO

Mobile SEO involves prioritizing the optimization of your website for visitors who access it on a mobile device. This includes tasks such as ensuring that the site runs smoothly on all smartphones and tablets, has a mobile-friendly design and looks good on all devices. By doing this, you ensure that all users get a good … Read more

How to create and design a portfolio website

Portfolio Website – To emphasize your skills and present your work to your potential client, you need a portfolio. But since the digital world emerged and takes over conventional practice, many companies have revised their business needs. Because of this fact, to capture a customer’s attention and to land a new job now, you need … Read more