Fertilizer factor fuels global food crisis – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article A global fertilizer crunch is threatening to further starve a planet that’s already going hungry. Officials at the United Nations and beyond are stepping up warnings about the mounting crisis for fertilizers — an essential substance to boost soil fertility — as vulnerable countries in places like Africa … Read more

Has Putin stopped Europe’s gas for good? – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article EU leaders are bracing for a gas supply crunch that could freeze entire sectors of the bloc’s economy as fears grow that a major pipeline ferrying Russian gas to Europe will be shut down for good. The scenario of rich European countries having to ration their energy usage … Read more

How Russia can beat EU sanctions – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article Europe has deployed an unprecedented arsenal of economic sanctions against Moscow in an attempt to weaken Russia’s economy and force Vladimir Putin to abandon his war in Ukraine. But as the export bans bite over the coming months, Russia will start to crave banned goods that are essential … Read more

The most dangerous place on earth – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article Strolling amid the ornate 19th-century villas, fountains and lakes that dot this sleepy spa town, it’s easy to forget that you’re standing in Vladimir Putin’s crosshairs. Nestled on Lithuania’s southeastern border, Druskininkai opens onto a narrow notch of strategic territory known as the Suwałki Gap. Stretching about 100 … Read more

Atlassian: Tech companies tipped to face more share market pain

Atlassian and other technology companies have already endured months of pain on the share market, but experts warn there is more to come. Tech companies such as Australian-founded Atlassian are nursing deep wounds after months of pain on the sharemarket, and experts are warning the damage could get worse before they bounce back. Atlassian, founded … Read more

The AP Interview: Belarus admits Russia’s war ‘drags on’

MINSK, Belarus (AP) – Belarus’ authoritarian leader said he did not expect Russia’s “operation” in Ukraine to drag on for so long and claimed he was doing “everything” to stop the warin a sit-down interview with The Associated Press on Thursday. President Alexander Lukashenko defended Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which began on Feb. 24. However, … Read more

Ukrainian Tennis Player Says Russians Should Be Allowed To Compete On 1 Condition

Elina Svitolina, Ukraine’s highest-ranked professional tennis player, said Russian and Belarusian athletes should be allowed to compete at Wimbledon if they condemn President Vladimir Putin’s regime and the invasion of Ukraine. Wimbledon’s host, the All England Lawn Tennis Club, on Wednesday banned players from the two countries from playing in this year’s tournament. The British … Read more

Ukrainians slam Western agribusinesses for staying in Russia – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article Agricultural companies are under mounting pressure from Ukrainian farmers’ groups and EU politicians to stop profiting from their businesses in Russia, but they say the world will go hungry if they leave. Unimpressed by those arguments, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said that those continuing ties have left … Read more

Shoring up domestic propaganda, Putin describes Bucha killings as ‘fake’ – POLITICO

Building a propaganda narrative to keep up domestic morale amid growing reports of civilian massacres by Russian troops in Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday described killings in the town of Bucha as “fake” and praised Moscow’s “noble” war during a visit to eastern Russia with Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko. “When it comes to Bucha… … Read more

Eastern Europeans push for new penalties as EU sanctions fail to end Putin’s war – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article Poland and the Baltic countries are proposing new punitive measures against the Russian economy, arguing that initial rounds of EU sanctions have failed in their stated goal of ending President Vladimir Putin’s ability to wage war. In the days after the invasion, European Commission President Ursula von der … Read more