Charity TikTok Videos Put an Uncomfortable Spin on Morality

“I think these videos can create narratives about how we should help the deserving poor,” says Yale professor Michael Kraus, a social psychologist who specializes in the study of inequality. “But actually all are deserving, and individual acts of charity are not a solution for poverty.” The “deserving poor” is an archaic concept, codified in … Read more

How to Tell If Your Child Has Binge Eating Disorder (and What to Do About It)

Photo: PattyPhoto (Shutterstock) The pandemic has not been kind to anyone’s mental health and, unfortunately, children’s mental health crises have been on the rise, including eating disorders. While anorexia, or a fear of gaining weight that usually presents as a restriction of food, is the eating disorder most talked about, binge eating disorder can also … Read more

Can Disgusting Images Motivate Good Public Health Behavior?

In this phase, scores among the liberals — both overall and for vaccine willingness — remained consistently in the 80s, no matter what. Ahn thinks the stagnant number could mean that liberal compliance was already at a “ceiling,” a high past which it could not improve. Or, perhaps, they were in fact less sensitive to … Read more

People Are Dating All Wrong, According to Data Science

Joel scheduled a talk in October 2019 at the University of Waterloo in Canada with the straightforward title: “Can we help people pick better romantic partners?” So, can Samantha Joel — teaming up with 85 of the world’s most renowned scientists, combining data from 43 studies, mining hundreds of variables collected from more than 10,000, … Read more

Should Safe Streets be centrally organized and managed? Taxpayer watchdog says yes – Fox Baltimore

Should Safe Streets be centrally organized and managed? Taxpayer watchdog says yesFox Baltimore

Are These Chimpanzees Using Insects as Medicine?

In 2019, Alessandra Mascaro, a research assistant at the Loango Chimpanzee Project, was filming the chimps for fun when she saw a female named Suzee grab a mysterious speck out of the air and hold it to an open wound on her son’s foot. “It was very difficult to understand what was going on, because … Read more