Analysis-World’s Biggest Bond Markets Back in Vogue as Recession Fears Mount

LONDON (Reuters) – One day you’re out and the next day you’re in: the world’s battered sovereign bond markets are back in favor as global recession fears mount. Government borrowing costs from Germany to France and Australia are down sharply this month, with 10-year bond yields down around 50 basis points each in July and … Read more

Cities are death traps in extreme heat – but they do not have to be – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article This article is part of POLITICO’s Global Policy Lab: Living Cities, a collaborative journalism project exploring the future of cities. Sign up here. Cities are particularly deadly in a heat wave— but fatalities are not inevitable. As temperature records tumble across the Continent, the death toll from the … Read more

How Russia can beat EU sanctions – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article Europe has deployed an unprecedented arsenal of economic sanctions against Moscow in an attempt to weaken Russia’s economy and force Vladimir Putin to abandon his war in Ukraine. But as the export bans bite over the coming months, Russia will start to crave banned goods that are essential … Read more

Austrian Billionaire Heidi Horten Dies Days After Opening Art Museum

Topline Austrian billionaire Heidi Horten died Sunday at the age of 81, the Heidi Horton Collection said in a statement, days after she opened a private museum in Vienna featuring her nearly billion-dollar art collection. Heidi Horten opened a private museum featuring her nearly billion-dollar art collection in Vienna, … [+] Austria, earlier this month. … Read more

As monkeypox cases rise, European countries urged to take extra steps – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article Europe’s disease control body has urged countries to prepare contact tracing, vaccines, treatments and diagnostics as ways to combat an increasing number of monkeypox cases. In the UK a further 36 cases have been identified, bringing the total number of monkeypox infections to 56, according to the UK … Read more

Bombarded at home, Ukraine finds symbolic win at Eurovision – POLITICO

TURIN, Italy – While in the third month of fighting Russia’s invasion at home, Ukraine came out victorious at Europe’s musical competition Eurovision. Swept along on a wave of solidarity, the Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra racked up a record popular vote after performing a catchy folk-rap tune and sending an emotional plea for the bombed … Read more

EU closes in on Russian oil ban – but how tough will it be? – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article European Union officials are fine-tuning a phaseout of Russian oil imports, which could be presented to EU countries as early as next week, but it’s still unclear how hard they will dare to squeeze President Vladimir Putin’s core revenue stream. Oil income is critical to fueling the war … Read more

Austrian chancellor says trip to see Putin was ‘not a friendly visit’ – POLITICO

Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer held what he said were “direct, open and tough” talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Monday. The meeting, which according to Reuters lasted about 75 minutes, was Putin’s first face-to-face talks with an EU leader since he ordered the invasion of Ukraine. “This is not a friendly visit,” … Read more

Ukraine tells EU to play rough with Russia on gas prices – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article Ukraine is telling the EU to give the Russians a taste of their own strong-arm tactics when it comes to gas prices. EU countries have been quick to condemn Russia over Ukrainian reports of war crimes, but they’re still reluctant to introduce sanctions that would cut their gas … Read more

EU weighs ban on Russian oil over war crimes as pressure builds on Berlin – POLITICO

European Union officials are working on a sweeping plan to block all imports of Russian oil, amid an international outcry over alleged atrocities committed by Vladimir Putin’s forces in Ukraine. The big question remains whether countries led by Germany will agree to a ban or seek to delay it, after holding out against an embargo … Read more