Home of the Week: Pablo Picasso Once Used This Storied Waterfront Villa in France as a Studio. It Just Listed for $27 Million. – The Robb Report

Home of the Week: Pablo Picasso Once Used This Storied Waterfront Villa in France as a Studio. It Just Listed for $27 Million.Robb Report

Watch: Jeff Bezos’s Polarizing 417-Foot Megayacht Just Made a Stealth Escape Into a Dutch Port – Robb Report

Watch: Jeff Bezos’s Polarizing 417-Foot Megayacht Just Made a Stealth Escape Into a Dutch PortRobb Report Bezos Didn’t Even Need to Dismantle Bridge to Move YachtJalopnik See Why Jeff Bezos’s Yacht Was Towed Away | Architectural DigestArchitectural Digest Jeff Bezos’ Megayacht Was Quietly Towed From a Dutch Shipyard — Watch the VideoEntrepreneur Jeff Bezos’s Superyacht … Read more

Francis Bacon’s $ 52.7 Million Portrait of Lucian Freud Was the Star of Sotheby’s Otherwise Lackluster London Sales

Amid rampant inflation, cratering US stock markets and a cryptocurrency crash, London’s marquee auctions this week are being viewed by many as a test of the market as some observers predict an impending correction following skyrocketing spring sales in New York. Christie’s brought in $ 248 million over five hours on Tuesday night, encompassing a … Read more

University of Pennsylvania’s first NFT honors research that led to COVID-19 vaccines

A non-fungible token created by the University of Pennsylvania to commemorate breakthrough research used by COVID-19 vaccine developers will be auctioned off by Christie’s next month. The NFT – the first released by Ivy League university – includes a one-minute, 3D animation depicting the way mRNA technology used in the Pfizer-BioNTech and Modern vaccines protects … Read more

‘Fat Finger’ Errors or Bad Investments? Here Are 10 NFTs That Were Sold at a Substantial Loss as Crypto Markets Have Cooled

We hear a lot about major NFT sales where the prices go up and the seller makes lots of money. But in the past few months, many NFTs have sold for way less than what they were bought for. The crypto markets have plummeted, taking NFT sales down with them. But in contrast to fungible … Read more

As an Art Advisor, I’ve Watched ‘Meme Art’ Destroy All Logic in the Art Market. Here’s What We Can Do About It

During the pandemic, we all watched with fascination as the Reddit chat room WallStreetBets wreaked havoc on the stock market. While these day-traders earned great profits, philosophically they were also giving the middle finger to the financial establishment in an effort to prove that the stock market often has no basis in reality. A similar … Read more

Pennsylvania Impressionist paintings by Edward Redfield, Fern Coppedge up for auction

In the early 20th century, New Hope was the epicenter of Pennsylvania Impressionism, a rustic style of landscape painting that often portrayed scenes from the Delaware River Valley. Winter compositions from this cutting-edge American art movement remain popular among collectors and critics. On Sunday, Freeman’s will auction off several paintings by two of the style’s … Read more

A Vase Kept in an Ordinary Kitchen Turned Out to Be a Qing-Dynasty Artwork Worth Millions | Smart News

The artwork’s last owner purchased it for just a few hundred pounds. Photo courtesy of Dreweatts When Mark Newstead first saw the blue-and-gold porcelain vase sitting in his friend’s kitchen in the late 1990s, he thought it looked familiar. Based on the colors, design, and shape of the vessel, the Asian ceramics and artworks consultant … Read more

How Auctions Identify the Next Big Artists and Trends

Auctions prophesize the rise of art stars and identify trends in the contemporary scene through financial returns. While many spectators cast their attention toward biennials as harbingers of what is to come in the art world, auctions reflect these changes more quickly and concretely than the usual institutional measures that rely on time to solidify … Read more

Distinctive wooden ‘wagon wheel’ table by influential Chester County craftsman Wharton Esherick up for auction

Wharton Esherick made a huge impact on the worlds of woodworking, design and architecture from his secluded Chester County studio. One of his hand-crafted tables is expected to fetch as much as $ 70,000 in an online auction this month. The wagon wheel table, one of Esherick’s more modest creations, gets its name from the … Read more