Opinion: Our bill for easy money is coming due: Prepare for low and volatile returns – or the long-delayed financial market reckoning.

Until recently, good news (a solid rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic) was bad news (higher interest rates). Now, bad news (an economic slowdown) is good news (accommodative policies). For investors, previously successful investment strategies carry risks. Economic activity, based largely on government stimulus, low borrowing rates, central bank cash infusions and pent-up demand funded by … Read more

Shares, property, bonds, cryptocurrencies face major falls, Australian Office of Financial Management CEO warns

A senior public servant has warned of the potential for significant falls on asset markets in the months ahead. Key points: Rob Nicholl says low interest rates and money-printing programs have boosted asset prices over the past decade He says their end will lead to “significant” falls in the value of shares, property, bonds and … Read more