‘Catastrophic Failure’ At Research Center Kills About 21,000 Fish

About 21,000 fish are dead at a California university research and care center after what the school called a “catastrophic failure.” The University of California, Davis said in a statement that it was “devastated to report” the incident, which occurred at its Center for Aquatic Biology and Aquaculture (CABA) on Thursday. “The loss appears to … Read more

Wild portraits and magical landscapes: Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2022 – in pictures | Art and design

The Nature TTL Photographer of the Year winner has been chosen from more than 8,000 images from all over the world. From a scarred lion getting its close-up to a fish with a mouthful, entrants competed to secure category wins in wild portraits, animal behaviour, camera traps, underwater, the night sky, small world, landscapes, urban … Read more

Newly-identified Langya henipavirus infects 35 in China

Nearly three dozen people have been sickened by a new virus spreading in China — with scientists warning it is too early to tell if it is deadly or spreads among humans. The Langya henipavirus — or LayV — appears to be jumping from animals in parts of China, nearly three years after the coronavirus … Read more

Things to Do in Miami: Puppy Yoga at Eden Roc Miami Beach August 13, 2022

Prepare for some adorable puppies with that downward-facing dog. On Saturday, August 13, Eden Roc Miami Beach will host its first puppy yoga session. Conducted by its on-property Esencia Wellness Spa staff, the session will cater to novices and yogis alike. Animal Lovers Rescue (ALR), a local nonprofit that rescues animals from emergency situations, abandonment, … Read more

Famed Jaguar ‘El Jefe’ Photographed After Crossing US-Mexico Border

MEXICO CITY (AP) — They call him “El Jefe,” he is at least 12 years old and his crossing of the heavily guarded US-Mexico border has sparked celebrations on both sides. “El Jefe” — or “The Boss” — is one of the oldest jaguars on record along the frontier, one of few known to have … Read more

Rescuers Hatch Plan To Rescue Starving Beluga Whale From Seine River

PARIS (AP) — French environmentalists prepared Tuesday to move a beluga whale that strayed into the Seine River last week to a saltwater basin in Normandy, hoping to save the life of the dangerously thin marine mammal. A medical team plans to transport the 4-meter-long (13-foot-long) whale to a coastal spot in the northeastern French … Read more

Humanity’s Biggest Problems Require a Whole New Media Mode

Our media systems are at their limits. From climate change to Covid, the most pressing phenomena of our times cannot be captured by the flat media paradigm we’ve built up. The “slow violence” of climate change, as Rob Nixon warns us, is cunningly hard to see, playing out at such a temporal and spatial scale … Read more

The Double Life of the Bloodsucking Sea Lamprey

Michigan State University has several labs dedicated to the study and control of lampreys, which make for idiosyncratic subjects. Lamprey skeletons are constructed of cartilage rather than bone, and they can regenerate fully functional spinal cords even after they’ve been sliced ​​in half. They possess an incredible olfactory power, capable of detecting scents at extremely … Read more

The Hidden Chaos That Lurks in Ecosystems

By the early ’90s, ecologists had amassed enough time-series data sets on species populations and enough computing power to test these ideas. There was just one problem: The chaos didn’t seem to be there. Only about 10 percent of the examined populations seemed to change chaotically; the rest either cycled stably or fluctuated randomly. Theories … Read more