Man arrested after loading handgun outside Logan Airport


Police arrested the Mississippi man as he loaded his gun curbside at Logan Airport.

A Mississippi man is facing charges after allegedly loading a gun on a sidewalk outside Logan International Airport, according to officials.

Police arrested Zachary Carden, 22, of Vicksburg, on Thursday after several bystanders called 911 as he loaded several rounds into his firearm as he stood curbside outside Terminal B.

Carden was en route to Maine, according to a WCVB report, and had just landed at Logan Airport.

He reportedly planned to drive to Maine.

Investigators say Carden had no criminal intent when he loaded the ammunition into the gun, which he pulled from a previously checked bag.

As WCVB reported, Carden was licensed in a state with a non-reciprocal license to carry laws.

He now faces charges of possessing a firearm without a firearms identification card, possessing ammunition without a firearms identification card, and disturbing the peace.

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