‘Partygate’ reports that Boris Johnson has been detained by legal checks

Nadine Dorries has doubled the claims that a parliamentary election would be necessary if Boris Johnson were to be ousted by his own party.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, the leader of the House of Commons, on Tuesday night insisted that the party would have to go to the polls – which is not a requirement – if it were to insert a new leader in No. 10.

“It is my view that, for better or worse, we have moved to an essentially presidential system, and therefore the mandate is personal rather than completely partial. [based] and any prime minister would be very wise to seek a new mandate, “he told Newsnight.

While many have pointed out that the British public votes for a party rather than a prime minister, and there was no choice about Gordon Brown’s successor to Tony Blair (or indeed Theresa May’s successor to David Cameron), people use “Blair as an example, why we will not need a parliamentary election is wrong, “the Minister of Culture wrote on Twitter.

“It was yonks ago – Blair to Brown was a smooth, pre-announced transfer, [with] no leadership choice. Brown was still pressured to go, bottled it up and then lost.

“Very different times before 24-hour news and social media.”

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