Postman Announces Support for gRPC in Beta

Postman, an API design Platform, has announced that it now supports GRPC in beta. Starting with v9.7.1, developers can test their gRPC APIs on the platform that already supports Websockets, Socket.IO, and GraphQL.

gRPC APIs use Protocol Buffers to exchange data and are described using a definition known as a .proto file. The .proto file can be loaded into Postman where it will be read and example payloads for each method will be generated. Developers are also able to share their .proto files to the Postman cloud where they can be collaborated on and managed as part of the API lifecycle.

Among the key new features of this update, Postman is highlighting auto-complete while composing messages as a way of speeding up testing. This is powered by Postman’s ability to read and understand the .proto file. Postman is also touting its ability to support multiple streaming gRPC methods and show the user a unified timeline of all events occurring on a connection, thus giving developers a more complete view of what is happening.

As the product matures, developers can expect to see automatic Documentation generation and code generation. The beta is open to any interested developers.

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