My kid’s teacher keeps giving me unwanted advice

DEAR HARRIETTE: My daughter’s teacher gives me way too much unsolicited advice.

Harriette Cole

My daughter has good grades, she does not misbehave regularly and she has never really been an issue for her teachers.

Almost every time I come to pick my daughter up from school, her teacher feels the need to give me some sort of advice on what she believes would help my daughter be a better student.

Because my child’s grades are completely fine, her advice is completely unnecessary and unwelcome. How should I handle this?

Do Not Need Advice

DEAR DON’T NEED ADVICE: Rather than continuing to feel defensive and angry at this teacher, schedule a time to talk to her. Do your best to be calm and open to a positive dialogue.

Ask the teacher why she sees the need to give you advice every day about your daughter’s education, especially given that she is a good student. Tell her that it makes you feel uncomfortable and that you think it is not necessary. Ask her to explain her rationale.

You describe your daughter’s grades as “completely fine.” I wonder if her teacher sees greater potential in her to reach further, to explore new ideas, to dream bigger. If that is the case, that could be good. But it may also be unnerving if it comes off as a criticism of you.

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