How to Get Official PS5 Screenshots on Your Phone

Sony makes it much easier to share your PS5 screens outside of your PS5. The company seems to be finally rolling out a way to get screenshots and videos recorded on your PS5 for automatic upload to the PlayStation app, where you can save them on your camera roll for whatever you need. This feature was first tested in Canada and Japan in October, but it became available to me in the US on Tuesday.

To make the new feature work, I had to do a few things. First I had to open the media gallery on my PS5 which you can find by going to the Games menu, scrolling all the way to the game library icon, clicking on it and navigating to the media gallery. When I did, a prompt appeared that gave me the option to “Enable Auto Upload” that I selected.

Here is the prompt you want to see that lets you turn the feature on.
Screenshot by Jay Peters / The Verge

However, recordings I took after activating the feature did not immediately start appearing on the PlayStation mobile app on my iPhone – I had to manually force the app to quit first. When I reopened it, a message popped up telling me that PS5 footage would start popping up. To view them on the app, tap the game library icon on the navigation bar (next to the magnifying glass), then tap “Recordings” and you will see all the recordings you have taken since enabling the automatic upload feature.

In the past, removing footage from your PS5 was a much more cumbersome process. One solution I had used was to send screenshots to a friend via party chat. It would make them appear in the app as part of the party chat, but it often meant that you sent that friend a message as to why you were spamming them random screenshots. (Sorry, Mitchell.) You can also transfer recordings to a USB drive, but that option means you also have to remove them from the drive to add them to your camera roll or social media page of your choice. This new automatic upload feature is much simpler and I’m glad it’s finally here.

Sony says clips and screenshots will be available for 14 days after you create them on your PS5. For video, clips up to 3 minutes and with a resolution of up to 1920 x 1080 are uploaded. Trophy moments will not be uploaded.

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