Best Forum Hosting ▷ 5 Unlimited Forum Hosting Providers 2021

So here in this article you will take an in-depth look at the best Forum Hosting available in the market with affordable prices and first-class features.

After all, getting a hosting service for your forum site is not that difficult. Here at GoogieHost you get to know about the 5 best forum hosting providers in 2021.

It’s time for you to build an online community with some attractive forum hosting plans. For that you need a Forum Hosting Provider.

The companies are hand-picked and you will see an honest review about them. Must read the whole article so you can choose the best forum hosting.

Checkout What are forums?

Have you ever heard of online discussion? Well, Forum is the online discussion forum where people usually ask their questions, share their experiences and share thoughts on topics of common interest.

What are forums

Web forums are the best way to create a social circle on the same point of interest and sense of community. Only community members can participate in forums.

There are some community guidelines you need to check before signing up for a forum.

Most of the stuff on these forums is public, making it an excellent platform to communicate and share thoughts on a specific niche.

How to get the best forum hosting without paying extra.

Forum Hosting is nothing special, but the hosting providers give you 100% security to provide you with the best possible service.

Usually the regular Forum Hosting providers offer you a cheap hosting service with some extra fees.

5 best forum hosting providers

But here at GoogieHost you will see a number of features on which you can choose the best Forum Hosting Service provider.

The companies are ranked on the basis of Responsrate, Costing, Customer Service. And server uptime.

Let’s break down each of them.

Most valuable forums hosting providers in 2021

The list consists of 6 companies. Check out every single business so you can get Best Forum Hosting Provider on the Internet.

1. A2Hosting

This company has been in the market for the last 20 years and it is a fairly large number of years spent in this industry.

A2Hosting Best Forum Hosting Provider

A2 is famous for its fast hosting service with a decent price for its hosting service. In addition, A2 offers attractive packages along with legitimate security and server uptime.

For in-depth review Click here: Review

Special plugins

  • vBulletin: vBulletin is the world’s leading forum software solution. You can buy them and get the best Forum Hosting.
  • AEF: Advanced Electron Forum is one of the most friendly and customizable forum applications
  • phpBB: This is a free to use Forum Software which will be provided to you with Forum Hosting Plans.
  • Vanilla: Vanilla is a solution built for flexibility and legitimate integration, making it the most powerful community solution.

(You must purchase the license for the above plugins)

Key features

  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited transfer
  • 99.99% server uptime


As you can see in the table below, A2 Hosting offers 4 great plans for Forum Hosting and this makes them a great Forum Hosting Provider.

$ 1.99 $ 3.99 $ 5.99 $ 12.99
1 Website Unlimited sites Unlimited sites Unlimited sites
100 GB SSD storage Unlimited SSD storage space Unlimited NVMe storage space Unlimited NVMe storage space
Free and easy site migration Free and easy site migration Free and easy site migration Free and easy site migration

Our verdict

A2 Hosting Can Be Your Ideal Unlimited Best Forum Hosting Service Provider With The Best And Fastest Hosting Solutions On The Market. But nothing is perfect. A2 hosting lacks customer support. So keep this in mind before choosing A2.

2. Youstable

A new name in this industry with a 100% customer satisfaction policy. YouStable is a Premium Hosting provider with the best possible customer service.

The norms are transparent and you will not see anything in the back end. No hidden charges with proper server monitoring.

Youstable Best Forum Hosting Provider

It is quite remarkable that YouStable offers you proper server monitoring with legit proof on this page

YouStable provides one of the best and most optimized Forum Hosting Solutions. You get the best possible service and you can use the full efficiency of the server.

For in-depth review Click here: Click here

Special features

  • SpecialForum Plugins
  • Multiple server locations
  • Uptime monitoring for the last 90 days.
  • Best services with pocket-friendly price
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited NVMe SSD space
  • More ways to solve your questions
  • Legit 99.99% uptime


  • Vanilla
  • vBulletin
  • phpBB
  • Simple machines
  • MyBB


DAStart DA Professional DAElite
1.2 USD / m $ 1.79 / m $ 2.69 / m
Simple site 10 sites Unlimited
50 GB bandwidth 250 GB bandwidth 500 GB bandwidth

Our verdict

YouStable is one of the fastest and cheapest Forum Hosting Providers. They strive to improve themselves by providing LiteSpeed ​​web servers with all the essentials you need to work on your growth and otherwise YouStable will handle it.

3. Interserver

Interserver is also an affordable hosting provider and they are famous for their VPS servers. Interserver provides decent PHP and MySQL based internet forums. They run on a traditional path.

Interserver Best Unlimited Forum Hosting Provider

Let’s take a look at their features, or if you’re interested in an in-depth review of Interserver, then: Click here

Special forum features

  • PhpBB
  • Simple machines
  • MyBB
  • Advanced electron forums
  • Vanilla

Key features

  • SSL certificate
  • Weekly backups
  • DDoS protection
  • OutBoard email protection


Standard shared hosting is divided into 3 parts and it will cost you $ 2.50- $ 6.00.

  • Standard: If you are a beginner, this plan may work best for you.
  • The server runs Microsoft products instead of open source / Linux based software
  • WordPress: If you want to host your WordPress site, this plan is the best one for you. It includes features like version control, antivirus protection and daily backups.

Our verdict

Interserver is a good hosting provider with decent prices, you can choose Interserver if you need a fast and reliable hosting provider, but the customer service is slow.

They will respond, but the response time is quite late. In my opinion it’s a con.

4. Fastcomet

FastComet is a leading brand in the hosting industry, which has now started providing Forum Hosting. You can take advantage of their hosting services and get your forum site live on the internet.

FastComet Best Forum Hosting

FastComet hosting currently offers deals for all types of businesses, so if you want to keep your business running, choose FastComet hosting.

Do you want to know more? Visit here.

Special forum function

Key features

  • AMD processors
  • FREE website download
  • FREE domain transfer
  • cPanel


FastCloud FastCloud Plus FastCloud Extra
$ 3.95 / month $ 5.95 / month $ 7.95 / month
15 GB SSD space 25 GB SSD space 35 GB SSD space
Simple site More sites More sites

Our verdict

Fastcomet is a fast and efficient hosting provider, but the prices seem to be a bit high. The services are actually good, but other companies like Youstable and A2 are there with cheap prices.

5. Hostpapa

A company renowned for its uncompromising customer service and first-class user experience.

Hostpapa Best Forum Hosting Provider

One of the most famous hosting providers in Canada is now focusing on Forum Hosting and will provide an excellent service.

Do you want to know more? Visit here.

Special forum plugins

  • AEF
  • FluxBB
  • bbTry
  • miniBB
  • MyBB

Key features

  • Unlimited sites
  • Unlimited SSD space
  • Unlimited email address
  • Unmeasured bandwidth


Starter Business Business Pro
$ 3.95 / month * $ 3.95 / month * $ 12.95 / month *
Two websites Unlimited sites Unlimited sites
100 GB SSD site Unlimited SSD site Unlimited SSD site
100 email addresses Unlimited email addresses Unlimited email addresses

Our verdict

If your choice is Best Forum Software 2021, Hostpapa may be your right choice, but the cost may seem a bit high. Hostpapa will provide you with the best possible customer service and will also give you legitimate server uptime.

6. Hostings

Hosting is one of the cheapest hosting providers in this industry and is also pretty good in Forum Hosting. This company was established in 2004 and has developed drastically.

Hosting Best Forum Hosting Provider

At present, they focus on Premium hosting service with the best performance in the class.

Special forum features

Key features

  • FREE email
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • WordPress Acceleration
  • Unlimited database


Simple web hotel Premium web hosting Business Web Hosting
1.39 USD / md 2.59 USD / month $ 3.99 / month
1 Website 100 sites 100 sites
30 GB SSD storage space 100 GB SSD storage 200 GB SSD storage
100 GB bandwidth Unlimited bandwidth Unlimited bandwidth

Our verdict

Hostinger is a decent, yet inexpensive hosting provider, if you can compromise on customer service, then Hostinger is the right choice for you.

Hosting provides you with all the important features you need for your Forum Hosting Service. But if you want to know why Hostings are so cheap, visit here.

Best Forum Hosting | FAQs

Forums are the place where people with different people can connect and share their knowledge. Technology forums are quite famous. Hobby-based forums like cooking, photography, writing and game sites are also popular.

A2Hosting is one of the best hosting sites. The A2 impresses its customers in all aspects with speed, safety, versatility and most importantly, excellent reliability for only $ 1.99.


YouStable has amazed us with a selection of offers that probably convey the best common facilitating highlights we’ve apparently seen forever, with a large number of gifts such as FREE domain name, FREE SSL certificates and CashBack guarantee from just $ 1.25 each month.

That phpBB is adaptable free discussion programming that strengthens you to create sheets where registered customers can send messages.

Once you have an assembly, you can make as many inside message sheets as you need. In addition to some basic utility, phpBB authorizes you can use extensions to add new capabilities to the discussion.

Vanilla Forums offers both open source and premium renderings. The cost of the first-class customization starts at $ 689 / month and is essentially expected for high-level business customers.

The stage has an implicit information base element where organizations can create a single substance that includes their goods and administrations.

This allows customers to discover the assets and appliances they need in an instant. In general, Vanilla Forums differ from other programming because of their level.

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Giving Best Forum Hosting is not everyone’s cup of tea, but with proper research and proper report we somehow managed to point out 6 best forum hosting providers on the market with the best forum hosting software.

Did you know that Reddit and Quora are the most famous forums on the Internet? You can also have a famous forum, so start now by choosing your ideal best forum hosting provider and START NOW.

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