Hailbytes launches Social Scanner API

API-first cybersecurity company, Hailbytes, has announced the launch of the Social Scanner API, a comprehensive profile scanner for 996 social media sites.

The size of the global cybersecurity market has evolved over the years and grown into a multi-billion dollar industry driven by increasing demand from companies as well as individuals due to the awareness of cyber threats and the sophistication of criminals. However, many of the available products do not meet the concerns of the customers. Hailbytes seeks to change this narrative as supported by the release of the Social Scanner API.

The Social Scanner API comes with a wide range of features and functionalities that help users scan a person’s profile across 996 social media sites using multiple techniques. Scanner features include string and name analysis (Permutations and combinations), multi-layer detection, Alexa top priority search, profile screen, title, info and site description, and multi-threaded scan workers for fast results. The tool also allows users to find name origin, particularity and common words by language, re-check the possibility of failed profiles and filter profiles by good, maybe and bad.

The Social Scanner API is sold as a freemium product that users can try for free. For more information on the Social Scanner API and other Hailbytes solutions, visit – https://hailbytes.com/.

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