20 best new sites, January 2022

So here we are in a whole new year – time to look forward with fresh ideas and renewed hope for the coming year. We start 2022 with a mixed game and, we hope, something for everyone.

Whether you are looking for inspiration to update your site or a fresh approach to working for a new customer or want to spend some time browsing around some corners of the internet that you may not be used to, welcome to this year’s first collection . Enjoy!

Justice Reskill

Justice Reskill offers a learning platform and support for people who have been through the justice system. Information is presented clearly in a positive, uplifting tone, underlined by a bright color scheme and friendly type.

TBD Post

The TBD Post website is hassle-free, clean and comfortable to navigate. The work is well presented in an organized way with just the right amount of additional information.


Speedy is an online commercial bank, and this is mostly a pretty standard, smart fine-tech site. The added bonus is that the five versions of the site – with the same content in each – have different color accents based on the flag of the specific country listed.


This site for Nuka Forever Stationery is a pretty simple single page. The use of handwritten types of places adds an intimacy and at the same time emphasizes the nature of the products.


This website for online business management app Omono presents a lot of information clearly and calmly projected by the use of blues and grayscale and subtle animation.

I think

A combination of bold font, a slightly tweaked red, green and blue color scheme and on-scroll animations make this site Pienso pop.

Margiela Hus

Maison Margiela fully embraces the digital alternative to a live catwalk with this mix of single video and edited clips.

Marie O’Shepherd

This portfolio page for book designer and art director Marie O’Shepherd has a minimal approach and allows the work to come to the center.

Angry Ventures

Angry Ventures adds personality and humor to their site to attract the user and entertain, while their actual portfolio is only available upon request.

Chapter one

Chapter One’s website has light and dark theme settings and some engaging animated graphics.

Dress the future

Vesti il ​​Futuro for Mani Tese uses interactive cartoon-style graphics to raise awareness of environmental issues and fast fashion.

Gazelle no.1

Some scroll-enabled videos enliven this single-page Gazelle # 1 model site.


This website for the creative agency Troa is an excellent example of the effectiveness of a monochrome color scheme, and there are also some pleasant transitions.


BDCC’s page has a bold, slightly messy feel that works really well. The menu items with descending lozenges are a good feature.


This is a great example of a stylish website for an agency that presents itself as well-established and super-polished.

Red brick

Redbrick’s website has a youthful, vibrant feel with colors changing to match the branding of the product.

Accounting box

This Accounting Box page makes good use of split-screen switching from a vertical split on desktop to a horizontal split on mobile. The animations are also appealing.

Francois-Joseph Graf

The design for François-Joseph Graf’s website does the right thing by getting out of the way to avoid competing with the pretty amazing products on display.

Monsta katte

Monsta Cats is a site dedicated to community-focused NFTs. The site is appropriately anarchic and fun to browse.


And finally, some adaptable good wishes for the coming year from the digital agency Bien Fondé.

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