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Guinness records has appointed Rumeysa Gelg from Turkey the tallest living woman 215.16 cm, or seven feet and 0.7 inches. Earlier, in 2014, Gelgi was awarded the highest living teenage at the age of 18.

His amazing height is due Weaver syndrome, a very rare genetic disease that, in addition to other symptoms such as skeletal maturation, accelerates growth. It is due to a mutation in the EZH2 gene.

Picture Guinness World Records

Because of this, Gelgi often moves in a wheelchair, but occasionally uses the walker for a shorter time. Often, when others pass him on the street, they are “interested” in his length, but he describes the people he meets in these encounters as “friendlier and more supportive” than anything else.

Picture Guinness World Records

Coincidentally the highest the living male is also native to Turkey: Sultan Könen, who is 2.51 meters or 8 feet and 2.8 inches tall. The last time both record holders had the same nationality – a “rare case” – was in 2009, when China’s Bao Xi Shun and Yao Defen had reached heights of seven feet and 8.95 inches and seven feet and seven inches.

Gelg from the first The first record in 2014, he has always experienced the importance of using his new platform to raise awareness of rare diseases such as Weaver’s.

“Every disadvantage can be it benefits you, ”he says. “So accept yourself as you are, be aware of your opportunities and do your best.”

[via CNN, images via the Guinness World Records]



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