Framework, maker of the modular 13.5-inch Framework laptop designed to be easily repaired and upgraded, has launched a dedicated marketplace filled with spares and upgrades for its laptop. Write in a blog post, the company said the market is currently focused on aftermarket parts and expansion cards, but hopes to add more customization modules like additional language keyboards later this year, as well as modules developed by third parties and the community in 2022.

This is a milestone for the modular laptop, which has been shipping for just over two months. After all, the laptop 10/10 I fix it repairability score It doesn’t matter if you can’t get a replacement part when a component fails. And who cares if a laptop is upgradeable if there aren’t some really cool add-ons available to upgrade it.

The market already includes a range of expansion cards for the laptop, which are designed to fit into its four modular compartments to add everything from additional storage to features like MicroSD card slots or multiple USB ports. There is also user-scalable RAM and storage for sale. But the store is clearly a work in progress and lists a host of other items like replacement motherboards with processors, keyboards, and spare parts like batteries and displays as “coming soon.”

Framework got off to a good start in ensuring that its laptops can be easily repaired in the event of a failure, but it will be some time before we know if it truly delivers on its promise of an upgradeable laptop. over time. It is a promise that has been made many times over the years. Last year, Dells’ attempt at a scalable laptop with the Alienware Zone-51m, unraveled just a model later.

There have been similar high profile attempts to bring modular designs to smartphones. But over the years, attempts by companies like LG, Google, and Motorola didn’t have much of an impact. Sustainable smartphone maker Fairphone has seen more success and recently announced its new Fairphone 4 smartphone. But Fairphone has always focused on making easy repairs for longevity, rather than offering upgraded components over time.

If you want to buy a Framework laptop for yourself, prices start at $ 999 for a model assembled with an Intel i5-1135G7 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage. There’s also a model with a more affordable starting price of $ 749 if you’re happy to do a little bit of assembly, or more expensive pre-assembled versions with faster Intel i7 processors, and more RAM and storage. . All versions come with 13.5 inch 3: 22256 x 1504 display, 1080p webcam and 55Wh battery. As of this writing, the Framework website says new orders are expected to ship next month.


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