JUX Capital

You can build your wealth with automated placement. Whether you are creating your first portfolio or an experienced investor, JUX Capital Not only does an investment offer take your investment by managing your money, but it can also expose you to attractive profit opportunities from open market trading and institutional lending.

So what does JUX Capital so fine?

Sit down and relax (automatic)

The investment service managed by JUX Capital makes life easier for every investor who accepts our investment approach. JUX Capital takes care of everything for you from day-to-day trading and investing to monthly consolidation of your account for greater growth. All you have to do is relax and follow the growth of your account over time.

Low fees. Better than man

Traditional executives can pay 1% or more regardless of account performance, but JUX Capital will only charge you for the profits we receive. JUX Capital charges 0.5% of customer profits and there are no other hidden fees or charges. As a company that uses artificial intelligence algorithms for trading, they can be much more efficient than people, with fewer mistakes and technology that never sleeps.

Installation process

Unlike traditional investment managers, who can distract investors with paperwork, extended waiting times and unrealistic review procedures, JUX Capital investors can easily open an account by filling out an account opening form on the JUX Capital website. Account verification is also performed almost immediately.

Investment activities

JUX capital, through its own artificial intelligence machines, does everything for you. It’s hard to find a more rewarding managed investment service based on account performance and growth from 2018 onwards.

Investing can be easy and easier than many people see as automated. Whether you’re creating your first portfolio or looking for advanced strategies to maximize your return, JUX Capital automatic investing through managed investment accounts can do more with your money.


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