Internal communication strategies affect the day-to-day operations of organizations. For example, effective employee communication creates a better work environment for everyone. Employees can constantly receive information about the company’s strategies and goals and provide feedback. It can increase employee engagement and better committed employees can increase companies ’operating income 19.2% over a year.

What is internal communication?

Internal communication is the way people in an organization communicate and connect with each other. It can take place through various channels such as emails, employee intranets and team meetings.

Why is internal communication important?

Increase employee engagement and productivity

According to the McKinsey Global Institute report, companies can improve communication and collaboration in the workplace by using social technology and increase employee productivity by 20-25 percent.

Source: McKinsey

Increase employee engagement

Regular contact with employees increases their commitment to the company. By research At Trade Press Services, 85% of employees say their motivation increases as management regularly updates the company’s news. The built-in communications app provides regular communication with employees and helps you anticipate your communications.

  • Instant messaging tools
    • you can send text messages, photos, videos, or web links
    • a more practical way to get information than email
  • Intranet
    • a private network connected through a network and designed as an internal centralized channel of communication
  • Video Chat tool
    • Skype, Zoom, and PowWowNow are examples of a video calling tool
  • Email / newsletter

How to choose the right communication channel for your organization?

  • Evaluate your current internal communication channel by considering what kind of messages employees receive. For example, is the information you share sensitive; do the messages require feedback from anyone?
  • Evaluate internal Channel options. You need to understand the audience of the message you are sending. What communication channels does your target audience interact with or prefer? By choosing the most suitable channel mix for your target audience, you can reduce friction.
  • Spread the message according to the company’s communication culture. For example, if your business has certain business hours, send emails and messages during business hours. According to a study by Salesforce 86% employees and managers think that ineffective communication is one reason for workplace failures.

How to measure internal communication?

Choosing the right technology for internal communication is important. However, mere communication with employees is not enough for effective internal communication. You also need to measure the impact of the internal communication tools your organization uses. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used to measure the effectiveness of internal communications.

According to the state of global internal communication in 2021 report.84% of internal communicators find it important to measure internal communication.

Source: Contact Monkey

Internal communication indicators

You can collect information from internal communication channels, such as email, newsletters, and employee applications you use. Decide what quantitative information you can collect from these channels. Common metrics that you can use to assess the impact of the internal communication tools you use include:

  • Reach provides information on how many employees log in and opens the communication channels you use
  • Open / read prices such as opening a newsletter, how many employees opened your newsletter, message, etc.
  • Commitment percentages including replies or comments

Qualitative data are useful as a measurement tool. However, you need to compare your quantitative and qualitative data to see more clearly the impact of your internal means of communication. According to a Gartner study, formal inquiries are declining and 59% organizations are beginning to use employee engagement data in addition to formal surveys.

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