Early adopters are changing the world.

While a person choosing not to eat meat will have a lower impact on our climate, it will have a much bigger impact on restaurants, grocery stores, and food suppliers who notice what you are doing.

They will change what they offer, and that will have a multiplier effect of changing habits by other people.

Buying an electric car or installing solar power before it is the obvious economic choice has the same impact. Because once marketers and investors find out that there is a large group that likes to come first, they are much more likely to invest time and energy in improving what is already there.

The same goes for philanthropy. When some people eagerly fund a nonprofit with a solution that is still in beta, it’s easier (and more likely) for someone else to start one as well.

It also happens the other way around. If we buy from a spammy telemarketer, ditch a trusted brand to save money, or succumb to the hustle and bustle, the market is noticing.

Very few people have the power to change the world. But we all have the ability to change the people around us, and those actions change what is built, funded and initiated.


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