The giant payment agency Stripe is started develop its encryption technology team to plan the future of its digital resources.

On Tuesday, October 12, Guillaume Poncin, Stripe’s Director of Technology and Encryption Currency, announced plans to hire at least four staff to develop Stripe’s encryption strategy.

Poncin said he is building a team of engineers and designers to integrate cryptocurrency into its platform.

Poncin tweeted: “We’re starting a new encryption team on @Stripe. I hire engineers and designers to build the future of Web3 payments. “

According to a LinkedIn job posting, Stripe is looking to hire four new jobs titled “HR Engineers, Encryption”.

The job posting states: “We hear a growing need for developers and users in that area to get better building blocks to accept payments, transfer funds and exchange fiat and encryption. By focusing on these problems and needs, we aim to build faster, more reliable, and higher quality encryption capabilities. “

The design team “lays the foundation for supporting and communicating Stripe’s encryption strategy” and designs and builds the core components the company needs to support cryptographic use cases. Engineers are expected to identify and address long-term technical challenges from user experience, API design, blockchain, data storage services, background functions to payment and identity systems.

According to the vacancy notice, the vacancies are limited to engineers in the United States who must have a background in developing encryption, including more than ten years of experience as an engineer.

Stripe is a giant payment agency whose customers around the world are already using the platform. The announcement could be another gateway to the increasing introduction of cryptocurrencies. The job list further stated that “many companies and users already trust and trust the Stripe. This gives us a huge opportunity to be at the forefront of a new wave of innovation. “

The announcement of hiring comes two years after Stripe CEO Patrick Collison said he was skeptical about cryptographic assets.

Stripe initially began approving Bitcoin in 2014, but the service was later discontinued in 2018 due to concerns about transaction confirmation times and backbone payments.

Since then, the development of the Lightning network has made Bitcoin a viable exchange tool without long confirmation times and high fees.

Whales in the cryptography market

The strip is set to become a new whale in the cryptocurrency market where customers will buy cryptographic tokens. The Paying Agency monitors the growing number of traditional companies taking advantage of potential opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.

Several fintech companies are helping boost demand for Bitcoin as they open the flood of millions of people to trade with it and other cryptographic brands.

For example, Square paying agency and PayPal launched cryptographic solutions that allow customers to purchase cryptocurrency offers entering the market on a daily basis. Visa and Mastercard have also actively sought to take advantage of the fast-growing industry.

The encryption space has heated up amidst interest and focus on digital payments, in part due to the Covid-19 pandemic and rapid e-commerce.

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