I had one of those little one-assistant designer helper sites bookmarked the day before: getwaves.io. Randomized SVG waves! Lots of great options! Easy to edit! Easy to copy and paste! Well played, z creative laboratories.

But then I saw a small link at the top of the page that it was part of something called Haikei. So I checked it and holy mackerel, it’s great! One application has a dozen or more similar “generators”, each as well made as SVG waves.

Random scattering of vector stars.

Somehow it comes to mind Omatsuri which is a similar collection of useful little on-off tools.

But heck, these are just two apps, even if they are collections of gadgets per se. At the same time I found out tiny-helpers.dev, which is a summary of all sorts of these little one-time help sites. Haikei and Omatsuri are there both involved many rains more. The SVG area alone is great:

I’m sure you find these things as useful as I am. They do not make us lazy, but effective. I know how to make a pattern. I know how to draw a curve with a pencil tool. I know how to convert SVG to JSX. But my own tool makes me faster and better. And sometimes me area I can do these things, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t take advantage of them. Lie until you succeed, right?


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