Don’t be appalled that Samsung forwarded the Galaxy Note in 2021 … you might get your phone equipped with a stylus before too long. Frequent tipster OnLeaks shared renderings with Zouton, 91Mobiles and Figure which would show off designs for next year’s Galaxy S22 phones, including an Ultra model aimed directly at Note fans. It would in fact be a sequel to the Galaxy note 20, complete with an S-Pen slot and less rounded corners. There would also be a fourth camera that you didn’t even see on the S21 Ultra, although it’s not clear what features you’ll get.

The other models wouldn’t be as exciting, however. If correct, the renderings suggest that the S22 and S22 + (possibly dubbed the S22 Pro) would not be drastically different from the S21 outside. They would sport flatter backs and a slightly refined camera bump, but not much more. Most of the changes would be below. Rumors say regular S22 models upgrade to a 50 MP main camera (instead of 12 MP) and use Qualcomm’s next-gen Snapdragon chip or Samsung’s equivalent Exynos.

OnLeaks / 91Mobiles

It’s unclear when Samsung will launch the S22 family, although it has notably postponed the launch of the S21 until January of this year. If the company repeats this pattern, note-lovers may just have to wait a few more months than usual for their solution. In other words, if they haven’t already bought an S21 Ultra or Z-fold 3 and the matching pen – the lack of clear messages about the Note’s future may have cost Samsung some sales.

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