Careful automation has announced a $ 5 million seed financing round led by Columbus-based venture capital firm Drive Capital. The company is an automation as a service platform for medium-sized companies.

Thoughtful Automation aims to provide a digital workforce management environment for midsize companies. It provides customization, deployment, and continuous monitoring and optimization of digital employees. These digital workers, or robots, offer companies the opportunity to fill back office roles and free workers to more satisfying and important tasks.

Alex Zekoff is the founder and CEO of Thoughtful Automation.

“Digital workers are moving large companies, but so far mid-range companies have been priced,” Zekoff said. “Careful automation helps midsize companies quickly deploy digital workers, generate productivity, and free up staff for more interesting and valuable work. The platform is easy to use and has a fast deployment experience and a 300% return on investment in the first year alone. “

Digital Worker Focus

The Thoughtful Automation platform and digital employees have focused on a few key market companies:

  • Growth: These digital workers can be up and running in just a few weeks, and they pay a fraction of the old automation providers. All this leads to an acceleration of growth.
  • Efficiency: The company’s intelligent automation technology helps tailor digital employees to tasks in healthcare, legal, behavioral health and other areas with repetitive tasks. The digital workforce platform optimizes performance and eliminates human error.
  • Costs: Businesses can reduce overhead costs by up to 66% with automated back office work.
  • Quality control: Business processes, documents, workflows, digital worker automation rules, and more are updated immediately and have changes.
  • Employee productivity and satisfaction: By using digital robots, humans can avoid routine and monotonous tasks.

“Ultimately, our vision is to open our platform to other automation developers. We want to build trust and transparency between people and their digital colleagues, ”Zekoff said.

The new funding will be used to expand the company’s platform and develop supply and capacity to support mid-range business automation.

Nick Solaro is a partner of Drive Capital.

“Software automation is a whole new class of work, and just like traditional human work, software processing needs to be managed and optimized,” Solaro said. “Careful automation understands this new work paradigm, and their solution makes software automation easy, affordable, and easy to use for midsize businesses.”


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