Cambodian prime minister bragged about barging in uninvited in a video conference organized by his political opponents

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen bragged about barging in uninvited in a video conference hosted by his political opponents.

An enthusiastic social media user, Hun Sen said on Friday that he broke into the Zoom call to warn his opponents that he and his spies were watching them closely.

Snippets of part of Hun Sen’s sudden intrusion into the video call have circulated on social media. They show Hun Sen having a 12-minute conversation with Long Ry, a former opposition MP.

In their conversation, Hun Sen complained that members of the former opposition party had personally insulted him even though he said he had tried to promote a “culture of dialogue”.

A spokesperson for Hun Sen’s party, Sok Eysan, initially denied that the intrusion and exchange took place, saying the music video was a fabrication.

Hun Sen, however, on a live TV show Friday opening a COVID-19 vaccination campaign for children, acknowledged the exchange and said he had listened to about 20 previous calls from his opponents. without revealing his presence or showing his face.

He also wrote on his Facebook page about his achievement, stressing that he did not reach out to negotiate, but to warn them of the disruptive activity.

US government-funded Radio Free Asia quoted Long Ry as saying that Hun Sen was able to join the Zoom meeting because one of his team members shared the meeting link or password with d. others so they can listen. He said he would be happy to invite Hun Sen to future meetings to discuss national issues.

“But morally, when people take a look at our stuff, we’re not happy,” he said, quoting Long Ry. “In politics, I think we should use honest and straightforward methods, and not take advantage of others by secretly sneaking around in their affairs.”

Most of the senior members of the Cambodia National Rescue Party fled into exile after the party’s dissolution. Hun Sen has been in power for over 36 years and has repeatedly stated that he has no plans to step down soon. Human rights groups and Western nations accuse his government of suppressing democratic and human rights.

Crushing other people’s Zoom conferences became a fad over the past year when app usage skyrocketed during the pandemic as many people started working from home. This is usually done by obtaining a password, which is often handed out casually to guests.



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