Xenon Pay Coin (X2P) managed to rise several thousand percent within 48 hours. Is it still worth starting – or is it worth the wait?


Xenon Pay – what is it?

The new encryption currency Xenon Pay Coin (X2P) was able to increase its value by 4,379,950,932% (!) Within 24 hours. The coin rally still seems to be at the moment a lot of momentum owns since yesterday compared to X2P has risen again almost 100% and is after a small correction of $ 0.14.

Xenon Pay Coin (X2P) has hit several all-time highs in recent hours. Source: Coinmarketcap.com

According to Coinmarketcap.com, X2P made one just a few hours ago for $ 0.1566 all time new achieved. At the same time, trading volume is growing and is almost 400% higher than the previous day’s value. In brief: Xenon Pay Coin (X2P) is in a massive rally – and many are now asking: is it still worth starting? Better to wait? What is Xenon Pay Coin (X2P)?

Xenon Pay Coin (X2P) is a new cryptocurrency based on the Binance Smart Chain. The developers describe Xenon Pay Coin (X2P) as a “solution to passive income and encryption fees” and “an easy way to raise money like the world’s best investors.”

What distinguishes Xenon Pay Coin (X2P)? The White Paper lists the following features:

  • Passive Income: When you buy or sell, 10% of the 15% transaction fee is automatically shared among X2P owners. The absolute number of X2P tokens in the wallet of X2P owners is expected to increase. On the other hand, the amount of X2P at the pancake exchange address decreases with each charge charged. In this way, X2P is intended to become a passive source of income for X2P investors.
  • International money transfers: With Xenon Pay, international money transfers should be easier than ever – and cheaper than ever.
  • Hedging against inflation: X2P is also designed to protect against inflation. X2P uses automatic and manual burning mechanisms for this, which means that the number of available X2P coins is constantly declining.

Xenon Pay Coin (X2P) forecast for 2021-2028

Digitalcoinprice.com considers Xenon Pay Coin (X2P) to be a profitable investment. According to the X2P forecast, growth can be expected to continue until 2028. X2P will initially rise to $ 0.21 by the end of 2021. Then not much happens at first: X2P is quoted at $ 0.23 in 2022 and $ 0.29 in 2023. Then the price trend is forecast to accelerate: in 2024, X2P is forecast to be $ 0.35 and in 2025 X2P will already break the 40-cent mark and rises to $ 0.44. In 2026, Xenon Pay is forecast to run at $ 0.48, and by the end of 2028, X2P could rise as high as $ 0.64. Based on the current $ 0.14 price, this is a 357% increase.

In X2P, forecasts expect the value to rise steadily. Source: Digitalcoineval

According to the forecast, Xenon Pay Coin (X2P) can be purchased at eToro or Libertex) In the long run, therefore, a profit. In the short term, however, a profit is likely to be made in the near future after the coin has risen so massively in a very short time.


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