The story behind TryShape, an introduction to CSS clip-path property – See how you can use CSS to create all kinds of custom shapes.
An example of a Story Behind TryShape event, which is an introduction to the CSS clip path feature

Projectile -GUI-based application to help manage JavaScript projects.
An example of a projectile

20 free payment method and credit card icon sets – Add a touch of style to your ecommerce site with this free icon set.
Example of a free payment method and a set of credit card icons

RapidSketch -Create sketch notes online and use them anywhere.
Example of RapidSketch

Tailwind Mobile – Check out this library of mobile UI components created with Tailwind CSS.
An example of Tailwind Mobile

Can we get custom media questions? – How CSS custom media queries can facilitate responsive formatting.
Example of Can we get custom media queries?

Top 10 Free WordPress Membership Extensions -Build a fully functional membership site with one of these free WordPress plug-ins.
Example of the 10 best free WordPress membership extensions

Pollen – This library of CSS variables focuses on consistent design and rapid prototyping.
An example of pollen

Web designers no longer have to sacrifice performance for beauty – How modern CSS and JavaScript can help find a balance between appearance and load times.
An example from web designers No more sacrificing performance for beauty

Accordion user interface design – Everything you need to consider when creating accordion interfaces for your projects.
An example of accordion interface design

8 CSS and JavaScript snippets for creating infographics – Examples of how online technologies can benefit infographics.
Example 8 From a CSS and JavaScript snippet to create infographics

Post Poly application -Create and export 3D shape models with this browser-based tool.
Example of Post Poly

Dopefolio – Check out this “fast” multi-page HTML portfolio template.
An example of Dopefolio

Colors and fonts – Color and typography system for designers. Compatible with Figman, Sketch and others.
Example of colors and fonts

Sail – This free CLI tool deploys, manages, and scales WordPress into the DigitalOcean cloud.
An example from Sail

50 simple but very effective logo designs for inspiration – With these logos, you can learn about simple logo design principles and inspiration.
Example 50 of a simple but very effective logo design for inspiration


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