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Avocado bottles are stunning. In fact, so great that the artist has remembered this Tim Bengel ensure that even if swallowed, it will never be forgotten.

Cast in solid gold, This very special brunch, currently part of Berlin’s art, is worth $ 2.9 million.

Bread, title Who wants to live forever?, was modeled after what Bengel had in real life. It consists of two halves of a pumpkin roll, five tomato slices, 10 arugula leaves, five onion rings and five avocado strips. All of these were scanned and 3D printed to create the final product.

But it is not just avocado toast, Bengel explains in his Instagram video depicting the creation of the sculpture. And avocado is not “just” avocado.

“To me, the avocado is one of the symbols of the millennial generation, and I want to capture the Zeitgeist in this work, ”he states in the subtitles of the video.

In another post on the cultural significance of avocados, Bengel declares, “It is clear to me that avocados play a central role in our millennial culture.” For better or worse, he continues, it’s “#GreenGold”.

Green gold it certainly is: more than 12 pounds of 18 carat gold was used in this creation. The material alone set the value of the work of art at more than $ 250,000. However, it is somewhat significant from the ever-rising prices of avocados.

Reassembled The Midas esque sandwich weighs over 26 pounds Artnet. Galerie Rothel, the art gallery responsible for selling the sculpture, had designed a special case for the exhibition. This, as reported Stuttgart news, costs about $ 40,000 alone.

This precious The brunch offer is currently on display at a local restaurant with a very appropriate name: Avocado Club. At the end of the year, it will arrive in the states in time for Miami Art Week.

Be careful though. This is sure to get your teeth.

[via Artnet, image via Galerie Rother]



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