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Triumphal arch, the historic stone monument, built in honor of those who fought and died for the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, recently got a different look as part of the temporary installation. This time it is dyed in a metallic, recyclable plastic curtain.

The screen was founded in a vision of the late Bulgarian artist Christos, who asked for the project to continue after his death. Deserved Arc of Triumph, wrapped, covers an area of ​​25,000 square meters (nearly 270,000 square feet) of recyclable polypropylene and is secured with 3,000 meters (9,842 feet) of red rope.

Christo, who had self-funded the installation, wanted to bring more temporary works of art to public areas. He started for sketches Arc of Triumph, wrapped already in 1962 and developed the project in 2017. Although the arc is inflexible, the assembly moves whenever the wind pushes the soft outside into a flowing motion.

The artist died in 2020, and his nephew Vladimir Yavachev continued to work and eventually realized the work of art nearly six decades later.

Tourists, however who came to see the majestic structure on the Champs-Élysées, including the first-timers, walked away in disappointment, Reuters reported.

By in the news broadcast, a Dutch visitor compared the fabric cover to “toilet paper,” while a British tourist expressed confusion as to whether the work of art was ready or still under construction.

“My husband had never seen [the Arc de Triomphe] and so I just got him to walk two miles, ”a Colorado visitor said. “He’s not very happy about it.”

By according to the representatives of the monument, the installation is planned for 16 days and will last until October 3, 2021.

Arc de Triomphe, Symbol of French victory 30 years to the end Since the first stone was laid in 1806. It stands aptly close to the finish line of the Tour de France and also serves as a backdrop for the annual military parade.

[via Reuters, images via various sources]



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