Favors are part of the glue of our culture. It’s not easy to ask for a favor, it’s not always easy to say yes, but when the two people engaged in this dance find a connection, it means something.

Sadly, the modern turmoil, amplified by databases and computers, has turned this equation upside down.

“It doesn’t hurt to ask,” said the rushed spammer, using second-rate connections to “reach” hundreds of people. “No pressure,” they add, as if it lessens the rudeness of the conversation.

If you ask 100 people a favor to “get the word out”, then of course it doesn’t matter if 80 or 90 people refuse. The problem is, you’ve just damaged the relationship you had with these people (no matter how thin) and made it harder for the next person, the one who put in the effort and care to establish a relationship. connection.

The first honest line of programmatic demand is, “I am using you to get what I want right now, because I haven’t planned in advance, haven’t taken enough care, or haven’t taken care of myself. am not presented with enough generosity to do it the old fashioned way. ”

No one wants to be rushed.

Just because you’re in a rush, know how to use direct mail, and understand how to push people around doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.


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