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Expands its configuration of the hybrid tools that follow all-in-one dock unveiled just this month, Logitech is introducing two new devices to help its customers get back into the office.

“Current touch there is a Goldilocks problem in the controller market, ”says Scott Wharton, CEO and Vice President of Logitech Video Collaboration. Press release.

Top class is “complex, expensive, and largely dedicated,” he continues, while the lower major “manages consumer tablets that are not designed to meet the company ‘s requirements.”

Therefore, Logitech sought to create something that would be easily compatible with the major market service providers and enterprise-level performance.

Tap IP on a a web-based meeting controller for telecommuting, while Tap Scheduler acts as a meeting scheduling panel for those returning to the office.

New Tap IP works with popular video calling / conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, “to provide a reliable and consistent experience from room to room”. The company claims this will not change no matter where the users are – at home, in the office or both.

Together a clean cable management system, it is also possible to mount the device on the wall. The device only needs one Power over Ethernet (PoE) cable to connect to the network, and it can also be connected via a Wi-Fi connection.

With its 10.1 inches The touch screen, Tap Scheduler is designed to be placed just outside the meeting rooms so that they can either be requested for last minute meetings or booked in advance. This works with Microsoft Room, Zoom, Meetio and Robin to display information about upcoming events.

Its progress to focus on video conferencing, Logitech also offers a new all-in-one service plan for its video collaboration solutions: Logitech Select. This includes 24/7 support for devices designed for large-scale use.

Both Tap IP and Tap Scheduler will become available globally in the fall of 2021, and are expected to sell for a retail $ 699.

More information products and Logitech’s plans for the heavy future of video conferencing can be found in the company blogs.

[via 9to5Mac, image via Logitech]



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