According to prominent cryptocurrency traders and analysts, the cryptocurrency market looks promising as a significant amount of cryptocurrencies will show high returns on the upswing in the coming days.

Popular cryptocurrency and analyst named Pentoshi recently told 270,500 Twitter followers Ethereum (ETH) and chain link (LINK) are setting new all-time highs. Pentoshi says that Ethereum (ETH) appears to be rising in both USD and BTC pairings after breaking downward resistance.

“The $ ETH / USD pair just broke into the trend line. But also [higher low] after [support/resistance] turn the cunning retest. There is nothing declining in any of these charts. But especially the $ BTC pair. “

A well-known crypto trader and analyst says Ethereum (ETH) is showing signs of preparing for the bottom and could rise to as high as $ 4,811.

Pentoshi also finds the distributed Oracle network Chainlink quite promising and therefore expects its original ID (LINK) to rise to $ 32 after forming a triple base in the charts.

Pentoshi also says that Bitcoin produces higher volume and currently has a golden cross in daily moving average indicators, which has historically shown a positive shift in the pace of the cryptocurrency market.

Pentoshi predicts that Bitcoin (BTC) will be ready to continue its upward trend once it has risen from its rising divergence formation.

Pentoshi is aiming for $ 49,356 and $ 52,956 for Bitcoin’s next pit stops.

Meanwhile, the founder of Coin Bureau, a cryptocurrency outlet called Guy, reveals that the Cosmos Network (ATOM) price will rise 200%. ATOM is currently up 15.14% and is trading at $ 37.36 and has a market capitalization of $ 8,276,451,334.85, making it the 24th largest cryptocurrency.

Guom notes how high ATOM could rise altcoin can reach at least $ 100 in the next few days. The trader explains that digital assets have become the most important cryptocurrency on the market as the fundamentals of Cosmos continue to reach all-time highs.

He recently said to his 1.3 million YouTube subscribers, the Cosmos blockchain network is invaluable because it allows different blockchains to communicate in a distributed manner. In March, the Cosmos network completed interchain communication (IBC) protocol, which allow different cryptocurrency platforms to exchange and transfer tokens. Guy says such a feature makes ATOM a game changer for the industry.

In addition, popular cryptocurrency and analyst Benjamin Cowen also announces that Polkadot (DOT) is in line toward a bright future. The trader notes that it “seems reasonable” that DOT could rise to 126%, which could take DOT up to $ 80-85 in a few days. The Polkadot (DOT) is currently priced at about $ 36.80 and is up 31.8% for the week, with a market value of $ 36,276,211,015.77, the 8th largest cryptocurrency.

Cowen said to his 538,000 subscribers that Polkadot’s assets (DOT) could see an increase as it attracts many investors because of its interoperable blockchain platform. Currently, the Polkadot block chain is developing parachains – custom block chains that can be customized to perform different use cases, and are scheduled for release later this year.

As for the short-term future (1-2 years), the trader says DOT has a reasonably bright future, but it is always dependent on Bitcoin’s pricing behavior.

“As long as Bitcoin keeps the line above the 20-week moving average, it looks like Polkadot’s least resilient path would continue to be higher,” Cowen says.

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