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It’s not just cars and airplanes who try to achieve the lowest possible carbon emissions.

Freight 2030 The Mission to Net Zero event, presented by Pittsburgh-based company Wabtec FLXdrive: a heavy – duty locomotive designed to be fully electric and battery operated.

It was put on testing more than 13,320 miles of mountainous California terrain in the San Joaquin Valley and repeating the conditions it would have to carry a few thousand tons of cargo.

Locomotive the engine has 18,000 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries instead of conventional fuel, reducing engine fuel consumption by 11% or saving more than 6,200 gallons of diesel fuel.

This, as reported by company, saves about 69 tons of CO2 emissions.

According to Eric Gebhardt Wabtec’s chief technology officer, the next-generation FLXdrive, could potentially reduce fuel consumption and subsequent emissions by about 30% – more than double the current model.

“Transport the industry is at a critical turning point, ”said Rafael Santana, the company’s CEO, at the event.

“Using technology by increasing battery and hydrogen capacity, we will be able to eliminate up to 120 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year in North America. “

It was reported on Monday, the ore mining operation Roy Hill will receive the latest version of FLXdrive in 2023, with a battery capacity of seven megawatt hours.

“Emission control is critical in the fight against climate change, notes Rogerio Mendonca, Vice President, Freight Equipment, Wabtec. “The battery-powered FLXdrive locomotive is a bold step towards a low-emission locomotive future.”

[via Pittsburgh Business Times, image via Wabtec]



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